ArenaNet Sets Bad Precedent by Firing Two Guild Wars 2 Writers

"The customer is always right" should have limits, writes Paste Magazine.

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fluxmulder135d ago

They got what they deserved.

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Christopher135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I agree that they both were rude to a community member who, while not as informed as they are, was only sharing an opinion to a public piece of conversation.

I do not agree that, notwithstanding any other issues that may have occurred that we don't know about, that this should have resulted in their firing so much as a course on communicating to members of the public about your game (note, this was her private twitter, but she is listed for her job and she was talking about her job to the public openly, meaning it should be handled as it was her job and not as a person item).

If developers don't want feedback at all from the community on these sort of things then they should create walls to prevent it, but don't attack anyone for a perception of 'armchair developing' when the gaming community online has grown around the concept of constantly debating gaming concepts such as narrative with others.

Servbot41135d ago

The woman said "the world was better off without him" when Total Biscuit died from cancer. She can rot in the unemployment line.

Nick_Shively135d ago

Thousands of angry customers vs 1 writer who had barely been at the company a year and has a horrid reputation. Which is more valuable?

You act rude to one customer at McDonald's and you'll get fired. The choice seems pretty easy to me.

annoyedgamer135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

I see the "journalists" has already chosen their side on this one. I'm waiting for inevitable claims of sexism.

Edit: Never mind. This one already got the ball rolling.

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TekoIie135d ago

There's a beautiful line in this piece:

"but at the same time there’s something inherently disrespectful about talking to an experienced professional about their job as if they had never considered the basic, entry-level ideas you’re bringing up"

Sorry, but she is still open criticism, and she should've been mature and debated the person's points instead of getting hostile. Also can you please tell your colleagues that when they review anything from now on? I'm sure you'll get a good response seeing as you did the 'you don't do it for a living so you cant speak" argument.

Cernunnos135d ago

If she didn't want fan interaction, she shouldn't have had a public twitter profile. Easy as that. Arenanet did the right thing.

Majin-vegeta135d ago

Lol they lost the argument the second they brought up sexism into it...

AK91135d ago

No they got what they deserved my dude

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