GamesRadar: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

By sticking to its roots, Midnight Club Los Angeles may not be a master of innovation, but as one of the most polished, finely honed and adrenaline-filled racing games, you won't find any that do it better. You'll love your time in the City of Angels...

You'll love:
* Working up from banger to babe magnet
* The balance of the car handling
* The uninterrupted gameplay

You'll hate:
* Being trash talked by cocky street racers
* Wasting all your tuning money on fancy paint
* Being knocked off your bike on the last turn

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jaffa_cake3504d ago

wow did not see that 9 comin

nice_cuppa3504d ago

nice score !

17 seconds untill comparison video !

so sad !

AngryHippo3504d ago

....if there wasn't so many really good high profile games coming out in the next couple weeks i would definately pick this up. It will have to wait that bit longer though. Good to see it getting good scores though.

sackboy says hi3504d ago

im shocked, i tought it will get 7-8/10....not 9 .. :O

gauravraw3504d ago

Where the hell is IGN review? The game is supposed to come out tomorrow right?

Isn't it a bit strange from R*'s side, absolutely no hype for Midnight Club whereas people were biting their nails for GTA IV launch.

Has they finally learned that hype hurts sometimes? I hope so.

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