How PS4 Led The Charge During Early Current Gen With The Best Looking Console Exclusives – Part 2

GB: "Our in-depth look at the technolog behind Sony's 1st party titles continues in Part 2."

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chrisx77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

pretty much from the beginning till now Sony got this gen on total lockdown. best graphics, games, experience with VR. even the xbox one x with all that power got nothing that looks like uncharted 4,no need to go to God of war even. kudos to the Ps4 Team, really got gamers at heart.

Crazyglues9d ago

Agree indeed...

-could not have said it better

Hardiman77d ago

Yes and it's not hard to see why they lead the market! Just create interesting character based games with great narratives that look amazing and they'll resonate!

FallenAngel198477d ago

“Flashy titles like Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3 barely ran on seventh gen platforms.”

I had no problem playing either game on PS3. They ran just as well as every other game released on the platform as well as Far Cry 4.

bluefox75576d ago

They've always had the best looking exclusives, which also happen to be the best looking games on any platform.

shaggy230376d ago

Any console I would agree with, but any platform? No. I get the feeling that a PC owner would have something to say.

OpenGL76d ago

I'm a PC owner with a 1080Ti, PC exclusives are rarely technical showcases these days. AAA multiplatform games on the other hand really shine on the platform.

Elda76d ago

10's across the board!!

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