Asdivine Hearts spreads some feline-fuelled RPG love to Xbox One

Neil writes: "Cats and fantasy RPGs have gone hand in hand for years, but now we are seeing a new adventure unfold on Xbox One."

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Null1980159d ago

"Now though it’s time for Asdivine Hearts to hit the big time with a release on Xbox One."

So a 4 year old game from mobile, then released on PC and others in 2016, with PS3, PS4, VIta at the end of 2016 (JP) beginning of 2017 (everywhere else) doesn't count as already "hitting the big time?" Even with an Asdivine Hearts 2 already being released on mobile last year?

That's great that they finally brought this to XBox One also, but I think it's already seen the biggest share of sales its going to have..."the big time".

But yes, that's great for Kemco to spread their reach, and great for XBox One players to get some JRPG love!

*Sorry, my issue was the wording. It just made me laugh a bit. ;P

Rangerman1208159d ago

Meh. Adivine Hearts is okay at its best, and bearable at its worst. Personally, the only good are Kemco RPGs Covenant of Solitude, Magitec, Antiquia Lost, and Chrome Wolf. However, all I can say is that once you tried one Kemco rpg, you played them all.