Fortnite Making Playground Permanent; More Features Coming Soon

A couple of weeks back, Epic Games came out with a brand new Limited Time Mode (LTM) called Playground which allowed a total of four players to the entire map, all to themselves for a maximum of one hour. However, just a few hours after the release of the LTM, it was taken down due to numerous issues. But now that the developers have brought it back, it seems Playground LTM is here to stay.

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DarkVoyager136d ago

“Fortnite Making Playground Permanent; More Features Coming Soon”

Thank you! Hello Playground goodbye Minecraft.

UltraNova136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Not many see this but Epic is sitting on a potential gold mine here, one that given the right moves and circumstances can actually dethrone Minecraft faster than MS can say "What?"!

Imagine Fortnite's playground mechanics getting expanded in the same level as that seen in Minecraft with far bigger maps and with the the former's design, online/coop, content update frequency chops!

Imagine this scenario: players enter a map (any number would do depending on on certain circumstances). They have 10 or 15 mins(this has to be tested of course) to build. Combat is disabled during that window. All gear can be found as usual. Teams can built separate structures in different parts of the map in order to compensate any loss during zone centering. Mats can be obtained at a much higher rate as already seen. After the time runs out BR mode is on and every one starts fighting. Mats gathering reverts to normal rates and all player gathered material during the 15 min 'built-off' window is erased.

There's a huge potential here and I'm sure Epic is already smelling blood.

Nu136d ago

They should copy Ark survival evolved and not Minecraft

BLAKHOODe136d ago

So 15 minutes to build, then it becomes a contest of who gets tired of camping in their base first.

I like it.

UltraNova136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Love your... constructive feedback...(pun intended). But lets forget about the zone shrinking...or that people can built intricate must not have played Fortnite much have you?

CrowGoblin136d ago

I’d just like to see a 5 minute delay before the fighting starts in 50vs50

Nu136d ago

Why not have a mode where all players spawn with weapons equipped