Guild Wars 2 Writer Fired for Publicly Attacking Fan and Content Creator

While attempting to spark a conversation about MMORPG character development, a YouTube content creator is attacked by Guild Wars 2 writer. Since then, the writer has been terminated by ArenaNet.

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Chaosdreams75d ago


Twitter really is the place for self inflicted damage. A few tweets is all it takes to remove one's calm professional look and replace it with that of a bitter human being who's probably regretting having said what they did (and in turn wondering what the backlash will be).

gamerzero75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

While I fully agree her reply was out of line. Your article really isn't much better and doesn't give the whole picture. Have these two had previous conversations? Is this user an active community member who is regularly critical? Either way again I agree that her reply was unprofessional.

For people who want to read her statement that was ignored by the article it's here.

She goes into a long explanation of why the main character is basically a blank character. It's primarily to allow all players to feel more or less the same about the character and to let the player impart themselves into the character rather than having the studio tell the player the personality. This is common in MMO's and why very few of them have voiced protagonists.

Nick_Shively75d ago

It's not really misrepresentation as her initially statement has no bearing on what transpired afterward. However, it's also easily accessible from the Twitter links provided in the article (one of them has her retweeting her own tweet that you posted).

Christopher75d ago

***Have these two had previous conversations? Is this user an active community member who is regularly critical?***

Not that anyone knows of. The individual responding to her is a content creator himself, huge supporter/fan of the game, and shared no criticism towards the developer in question but shared an opinion about storytelling to the person at the company in charge of such things (and who was discussing such things publicly).

gamerzero75d ago

To be fair being a content creator or a fan of the game doesn't mean it's all been positive or that this twitter interaction was the first. Perhaps this person has been content creating videos or posting on the GW2 forums criticizing her writing for a long time.

Let's be honest here have you never banned someone from this site who was a long time user but crossed the line too many times? Of course you have. Being a fan doesn't mean your always nice or positive.

Anyways for the disagrees I made it clear I thought her reaction was inappropriate.

Christopher74d ago

I'm answering your questions. If being an active member of the community has no bearing then why did you even bring it up in the first place?

Liqu1d71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

The user is a GW2 streamer who actually has a history of praising her work. She was rude for no reason and tried to paint him as a sexist despite gender never being a topic. Her termination was justified. Since we're also talking about histories, she celebrated the death of TotalBiscuit. She's an unhinged, sexist lunatic and wouldn't want my company associated with her.

fluxmulder75d ago

Lol... automatically plays the gender card. She must be a joy to work with.

porkChop75d ago

Wow. She even played the gender card despite tons of women also calling her out.

While she's right that no one owns her or her time, that's not what he was trying to do. He was, politely, trying to have an honest discussion. If she didn't want to have that discussion, that's fine, she doesn't have to. But to just attack him like that? Out of nowhere? That's not acceptable at all. She was super rude, and essentially told all the fans that she only pretends to like them.

If you're completely against having any sort of discussion then you shouldn't be posting on SOCIAL media, because discussion is the entire point of it.

AK9174d ago

Excellent my respect for ArenaNet went up tenfold for not bowing down to any SJW nonsense.