Microsoft Should Release Select Rare Games on Nintendo Switch

Okay, Cool's Riley Little writes "Microsoft stands to gain from cashing in on nostalgia with Nintendo fans."

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darthv72134d ago

I do. If its a means for MS to make $$ from it... it will happen.

ImGumbyDammit134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

No, they won't. Microsoft is driving to support their ecosystems: Xbox and Windows. Just like Nintendo and Sony do with their systems. The only exception has been Minecraft because it had a wide system support before the Microsoft purchase and the game is based on a principal beyond the idea of both console generations and growth from user generations (long-term support) As for Xbox it is fairly profitable division (874 million Xbox vs 1.36billion for all of Nintendo - Switch, 3DS, other products - this previous year) Of the three, Microsoft does not rise and fall with their console division revenue. Nintendo could more easily cash in a great deal more of this nostalgia argument by supporting Nintendo IP on other ecosystems.

However, I will say that my opinion would change about all this if the two could work out a similar deal with Nintendo bringing some it's content over to the Xbox and possibly Windows and have cross-play built-in between all three platforms (Nintendo, Xbox, PC) This quid pro quo scenario is one that I can see Microsoft willing to support. sharing a few IP and vice versa. But, it won't happen because Nintendo would never be willing to share several of its own IP on another console. And I can't see Microsoft having any interest in doing something that does not have reciprocal support for their ecosystem(s).

Concertoine134d ago (Edited 134d ago )


I wouldnt be too surprised. Microsoft is in the business of making money moreso than either of the other big 3.

Minecraft is on every platform despite being their (very valuable) IP. All their games are on PC too.

Rare made multiple titles for the DS and GBA because MS felt that was a good use of their resources. Sure MS didnt have a hand in the portable market, but those were still 10-20 man teams they committed to games on other platforms just for money’s sake.

Personally i think MS has made all they can make on classic games like Perfect Dark, Banjo, Battletoads, etc. with Rare Replay, but a lot of people would buy those games on Nintendo platforms too.

DJK1NG_Gaming134d ago

If the Halo and Gears skins in Minecraft can be on Switch.
Then it can. With how Nintendo and Microsoft are more open to each other than before and Viva Pinata on DS despite it being a Microsoft IP.

Phil saying he okay with Banjo in Smash.
They understand Rare history with Nintendo.

Razmiran134d ago

Well they once released a DS game... but no I dont see it either

Team_Litt134d ago

What would it hurt? Viva Piñata is already on the DS... Do it!

yomfweeee134d ago

Give people even less reason to buy Xbox?

Team_Litt133d ago

People are buying Xbox Ones just fine. Besides, I doubt anybody is buying an Xbox One just to play classic Rare games.

PhoenixUp134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

If Microsoft wouldn’t put any Rare properties on 3DS, I doubt they’d do so on Switch

Plus every non-Nintendo owned IP that Rare did produce on GBA & DS was published by THQ and not Microsoft themselves. And with THQ going under that puts a halt to this idea from continuing. THQ Nordic is a kind of successor but they don’t publish as many licensed games as THQ used to back in the day.

So the likelyhood of seeing any other Rare games on Nintendo systems is pretty much zero. Microsoft publishing Minecraft on Nintendo platforms is one thing, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for much else since Minecraft was already a ubiquitous brand before the acquisition.

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Magnus134d ago

Microsoft said yes to Banjo and Kazooie to appear in Smash Bros is a first step . But full games I doubt it will happen you're talking about a console Xb1 that is starving for first party titles. And I highly doubt Microsoft will cough up those titles to play on a Switch. But I could also be wrong and Microsoft might cough up the games for extra sales and license fees and the games like say Battle Toads Snake Rattle and Roll might sell better on the Switch. Next question would be will Nintendo pay those license fees to have those Rare titles to appear on the Switch.

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