The Microsoft Rewards App Background Really Features Someone Holding a PlayStation 4 Controller

Microsoft has launched its Rewards app for Xbox One, which was previously in testing for certain Xbox Insiders, and it’s available for you to check and see how many rewards you’ve accumulated, what you can spend the points on, and a way for you to join the program, but features something that looks a little... off.

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porkChop133d ago

Who cares? It's just a stock photo.

ShottyatLaw133d ago

Better question: Who holds a controller like that?

porkChop133d ago

Haha, yeah that's a good question.

The_Jackel132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

nvm it is on just didnt look like it on the phone

VenomUK132d ago

There’s no shame in Microsoft staff loving PlayStation games.

Relientk77132d ago

Someone who has bird talons as hands

Godmars290132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

"There’s no shame in Microsoft staff loving PlayStation games."

Except - maybe - when they're trying to sell Xbox stuff?

chiefJohn117132d ago

My cousin holds it like that and it annoys me lol

The Wood132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I use a piano grip/positioning. . . with my right hand. . I rarely use my thumb. . It's just not good and pressing 2 buttons at once let alone quick enough. .

By the way. . What is the hand version of 'stance'

sprinterboy132d ago

Rocket league or fifa say hello

rainslacker132d ago

Apparently anyone in any TV sitcom pretending to play games. They're also rampant button mashers.

Skull521132d ago

When designing Elite controller v2.0, it’s always good to have a reference of “what not to do”

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DaDrunkenJester132d ago

Well you'd think a big corporation like MS would maybe make their own stock photos with their own products.

DialgaMarine132d ago

I guess for the same reasons people got upset with Sony because EA gave them poorly edited Xbone footage of Anthem to post on their channel.

133d ago
xX1NORM1Xx132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Why does this shit make the news all the time... from sony adding photoshopped button to anthem and microsoft uploading ps4 descriptions to their store it doesn't matter i swear its just so the fan boys can take turns laughing at each other.

PizzaSteve132d ago

Agree. Just a careless mistake in picture choice. Gaming news will be a slow in July so expect all kinds of useless articles.

zerocarnage132d ago

agree it got old a long time ago all this nonsense from fanboys..

rainslacker132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Gives people something inconsequential to argue about. Its a nice break from the other things they argue about which are either inconsequential, or patently false.

Things like this are done by marketing departments, and quite often when they review and approve stuff, it goes unnoticed, or the person who does the approving isn't aware of what they're seeing. Not everyone that works in divisions...or likely the marketing department at MS, is as knowledgeable about gaming as we might be.

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KillZallthebeast132d ago

Microsoft really wants sony cross play

LandoCalrissiano132d ago

They're all in on cross play lol

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The story is too old to be commented.