Sega explains why Shenmue 1 and 2 run at 30Hz on PC

The re-releases will also have full mouse and keyboard support.

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NXFather135d ago

So they did not want to pay to redo but only milk us. Well atleast more people have access to it.

SegaGamer134d ago

Well if they aren't going to get profit out of if then why bother? They are business, a business that took a huge loss when they released these games originally. You're asking them to completely re-work the code from scratch, that would cost them a lot more time and a lot more money, money that they would never make back. It's a very niche game with a passionate fanbase, they aren't going to redo the whole thing from scratch for a niche audience, its unrealistic to expect that.

Lon3wolf134d ago

Indeed and you are getting both games for $30/£25 (£20 on Fanatical at the moment).

neutralgamer1992134d ago


Don't be surprise if these games do quite well. When they came out they were ahead of their time but now fans are ready. I was hoping that Bluepoint could remaster the games because there is money to be made at $49.99-$39.99 if these were remastered

NXFather134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

That's right. Pat on the back kiddo. Yeah I don't actually care about the game like that. I'm just here for the unified gamer's commission. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

NXFather134d ago

Never gonna let you down and desert you!

mikeslemonade134d ago

Not gonna be as good, but I will use the 60hz mod.

JunMei134d ago

They will certainly get a profit off this regardless of whether they made a good port or not. The problem is... making a bad port of a PC game means that they just shit all over their legacy and couldn't be bothered to care. Console games come and go. But once you make a game on PC, it'll be around forever.

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3-4-5134d ago

Whiney NXFather wants everything for free...

We are getting 2 games for free, that look better than the originals and most of us Shenmue fans thought we'd never see this day ever.

How can you complain?

You could give somebody a million dollars for free and they would still find something to complain about.

porkChop134d ago

I agree that this isn't something to complain about, but the games aren't free so I'm not sure what you mean about two free games.

NXFather134d ago

Hey the union doesn't work unless we both know. Thanks again.

princejb134134d ago

i think im one of the few who thinks this game is going to fail again. I had it for dreamcast and i thought it was ok at best. But well see

2pacalypsenow134d ago

Isn't every game a money grab?

Eidolon134d ago

Doesn't really need 60FPS to be great. And if you read, it would take A LOTTTTTT of work, money, and time to make it work at 60FPS. Would probably push it back until 2019 and have so many bugs still at release, This is cleaner, and they can release it soon.. they still put work into it, I'm happy we're even getting it, and at $30 for 2 iconic games, in HD, with achievements, next month. You want them to spend millions more for 60fps. At that point, it's not a money grab to be 30fps, you're just being entitled.

djsilke45134d ago

trust me someone is going to make a patch to have this run at 60fps

NarooN134d ago

And then it'll break the physics and game logic rendering the game unplayable.

Lord_Sloth134d ago

On the 1 hand, yes, as all things business are. On the other hand it's giving many who weren't even alive for the Dreamcast a chance to play them.

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Nicknasty134d ago

People still play games with a keyboard and mouse? Why on earth would you?

Lon3wolf134d ago

Preference, I mainly only use a controller myself but KBAM is still best on PC for most FPS games over a controller.

Fluxour134d ago

Objectively superior controls? What are you smoking?

instantstupor134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Not entirely true. KB&M are objectively better for a lot of games (for example, I play pretty much all RTS or FPS with KB&M). But if you want to play a platformer like Hollow Knight or maybe a few matches of Rocket League, controllers tend to be better (or even if you want to play a non-competitive shooter on the couch or something).

I don't know why people would put either down. They both have their uses.

Nicknasty134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Really lol, prove it? Its 2018, not 1995. I was using a keyboard and mouse back in the day on quake, so you can just save that superior bullshit. You just make yourself sound ignorant and a joke.

Now as far as smoke goes, I'm smoking some top shelf sativa and maybe a bit of hybrid. Unlike you, whom is obviously smoking crack! Lay off the shit there buddy, its warping your mind.

kevnb134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

controllers are usually only better if the game has a bunch of smoothing or some other feature that doesnt feel like shit on a controller but does on a mouse. Mind you i still like controllers for certain genres (racing, fighting, 2D) and because they make it easy to game on the couch.

Muzikguy134d ago

“so you can just save that superior bullshit. You just make yourself sound ignorant and a joke”

🤦‍♂️😂 I always find these things hilarious. As if one isn’t sounding the way he’s saying the other is sounding.

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Kokyu134d ago

For non FPS there is no good reason to at all.

2pacalypsenow134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I still play PC games with K/m, the only game I play with a controller is Grand theft auto.

For FPS and RTS though, K/m is superior.

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porkChop134d ago

Anything that's in first person or highly based on accuracy will benefit from m&kb. But yeah, for 3rd person action adventure games like this a controller just works better for me. Either way though, it's still about personal preference.

Nerdmaster134d ago

I always cringe when I see a negative review on Steam claiming that a platform or adventure game doesn't offer proper keyboard/mouse support.

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Spikeantestor134d ago

I'm kind of nervous about this. I popped in Shenmue 2 about a year and a half ago and right away noticed that the controls were much worse than I had remembered. Sega doesn't need to remake this thing from the ground up but it really will be in everyone's best interest if they clean up some of the most outdated parts of the game's interface. My fear is that we are getting the exact same games I played on Dreamcast. I really think good ports that people speak well of vs bad ports that sour people on Shenmue in general, could really effect sales of 3.

Cueil134d ago

I expect mods to show up soon after release

giovonni134d ago

I said the samething in another post, And I agree with you.

conanlifts134d ago

My only concern is that Shenmue is one of my favourite all time games, but I have not played it since I owned a dreamcast. So I hope that if I purchase this that it does not spoil my fond memories of the game.

GamesMaster1982134d ago

Even if it was the Dreamcast version 100% just with added trophy’s/achievements I’ll still be happy

Chocoburger134d ago

The game has modern dual analog control scheme. So it'll help make the game feel better to play than it did back on Dreamcast and Xbox.

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WitcheRivia134d ago

Looks like it's just a cash grab from Sega since they notice how hype everyone is for Shenmue 3. Looks like I'll be skipping this (it's even worse since it has Denuvo).

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