Overwatch Fans Want Wrecking Ball To Just Be Called Hammond

Hammond is one of the better hamster names in history, miles ahead of Squeaks, Furball, or whatever else children name their pets. Despite this, the Overwatch team insists on officially calling the game’s newest hero “Wrecking Ball,” a name that sounds more befitting of a GI Joe action figure or a good (fight me) but played-out Miley Cyrus song. Players are not pleased about this.

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ZaWarudo136d ago

I also just call him Hammond instead of Wrecking Ball. Rolls off the tongue easier.

-Foxtrot135d ago

Wrecking ball is an awful name

It sounds like his Ultimate

Winston is called by his name why is Hammond different

Mr_Writer85135d ago


When he lands on earth the Junkers named him (he can't speak, and they don't know who he is).

So whilst it doesn't really suite him, I get why and it actually makes more sense.

-Foxtrot135d ago

I know the lore but it’s still a stupid argument for if

It’s like calling DVa “Meka”

Mr_Writer85135d ago


The only person (that we know) that knows Hammonds real name is Winston.

And they haven't reunited.

AK91135d ago

He’s adorable you don’t want something that cute to be called something like Wrecking Ball l, Hammond is better.

ion666135d ago

This just in.... then just call him Hammond, no one is stopping you.

spartan112g135d ago

If everybody calls him Hammond, then what’s the use of Wrecking Ball?

NiteX135d ago

I just call him Hammond as well, but being labeled as Wrecking Ball isn't anything huge.

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