Fortnite Is Winning the DeathMatch Against PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The deathmatch between the world’s two biggest Battle Royale titles is intensifying. But on at least one important measure, Fortnite’s leaving compatriot PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the dust.

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DarkVoyager84d ago

“Fortnite Is Winning the DeathMatch Against PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds“

This is going to upset Skull521. Fortnite done won the battle. Microsoft wasted their money with PUBG.

NewMonday84d ago

PUBG killed themselves by ignoring the PS4 and the biggest player-base in the world, signing exclusive deals with Xbox is financial suicide.

Neonridr83d ago

let's face it, a F2P game is always going to have more appeal than a paid game for several reasons. Anyone can watch a video of Fortnite and say to themselves, I think I will download this and give it a try. PUBG obviously requires a bit more of a commitment since you have to buy it.

That being said, Fortnite being avaible on every system out there definitely helps their cause as well.

81BX83d ago

You think ps4 is bigger than pc?

jocomat983d ago

@neon not only that but also the fact that a game that cost money had poorer quality then a game that was free. That really doesn't make the excuse that "oh pubg costed money" look any better.

Jrios35583d ago

Plus, Fortnite actually functions. It's optimized, it runs with no problems, it's not infested with hackers and cheaters, and Epic Games updates it often.
PUBG is the complete opposite of this, and are now going for shady business practices like their own take on the battle pass, which costs more than Fortnite's, and offers less.

riibhu83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

No they killed themselves by not fixing their game. PS4 has nothing to do with it. You forgot the fact that it already sold(yeah SOLD!) above 25 million copies on steam alone before even releasing on console.
Also the fact that fortnite is f2p, has better optimisation and is available on 4 platforms helps with the numbers.
P.S. lol "PS4 has biggest player base" guess you didn't include pc just so you can gain some satisfaction by blaming Microsoft or even Xbox.

jagermaster61983d ago (Edited 83d ago )

"PUBG killed themselves by ignoring the PS4 and the biggest player-base in the world, signing exclusive deals with Xbox is financial suicide."

Some people are just so uneducated with the whole Pubg not being on PlayStation thing.
Do some research, Sony doesn't allow games in preview Xbox does that is one of the main reasons it's only on Xbox!

On topic: You would have to hope a free to play game on every console (including PC) would be downloaded/played more. We get it Fortnight has a bigger player base now move on! 😵💀

UltraNova83d ago


H1Z1 is free to play, is it anywhere near as successful as Fortnite?

Face it, the world has spoken and they choose Fortnite simply because its the better game in all aspects that matter > fun, optimization, support (weekly !).

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SuperSonic9183d ago

And Sony did not waste asingle penny on PUBG.
PlayStation Can't Lose so it seems.

DigitalHope82d ago

I was under the impression the only reason PUBG wasn’t on PS4 was because Sony didn’t want a game in Alpha on the system.

I’m pretty sure once final release happens on PUBG which looks to be soon will be a timed exclusive and eventually release on PS4.

Microsoft paid for marketing rights to jump on the popularity wave PUBG had been under at the time.

As it stands PUBGs failures fall to Bluehole and not Microsoft as Fortnite like it or not has surpassed PUBG in popularity, earnings and relavence.

Kabaneri83d ago

Understandable, its free to play, it runs well, its on every platform, and Epic's support has been phenomonal.

jocomat983d ago

Running better then a game that cost money really didn't make it look good for pubg

REDDURT83d ago

After killing paragon. I just hope they fail

SuperSonic9183d ago

Not all F2P are su ccessfyl as Fortnite.

neomahi83d ago

Duh, go figure considering PUBG made the mistake of partnering with Microsoft as a console exclusive (timed) and Fortnite carries on the new Epic mentality of being anywhere and everywhere, like Remedy before them, their future games will see Sony platforms and likely Nintendo as well. That's what happens when you side with Microsoft. Fornite is even on smartphones! And PUBG still has a contract with Microsoft anxiously waiting for it to expire, Fanboys...

ravinash83d ago

PUBG is also on mobile by the way.