Microsoft files patent for AI-driven cheat detection

According to Microsoft, artificial intelligence would be trained to track interactions between games and gaming platforms such as Xbox Live. These “interactions” would include notifications of achievements, game scores reported to the platform, and/or a player rank achieved on the platform based upon game activities. If something abnormal is spotted, the data would be analyzed for possible cheating behaviors.

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fragock42d ago

great! can't effing stand cheaters.........

porkChop42d ago

That's actually a really smart use of AI. Hmm, I wonder if the next gen consoles will have some kind of system-wide AI.

gangsta_red42d ago

This is terrible.

The AI will first begin to detect cheaters and then it will grow, learn, become sentient and realize that all humans are cheaters. This is when it will decide that all humans must be dealt with.

Thus the rise of the robots and the end of human civilization.

Why M$? Why?

BeOpenMinded42d ago

I for one welcome our robot overlords

pinkcrocodile7542d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Should be more

Why Google, why?. Why Apple, Why?. Why M$, Why?. Why $ony... oh hang on they'll need to buy their AI in, though they won't be far behind.

The truth is, AI is becoming part of online interaction now. So if you don't like it, I suggest getting offline

Zeref42d ago

Dude,he was obviously joking

pinkcrocodile7541d ago

@Zeref - I know it was, it was just a bit of a sh!t one.

rainslacker42d ago

So...The ai will actually end up being smarter than it's creators then?

Don't worry about it. Ms will just pay off the ai so it can retire to Tijuana.

Kokyu42d ago

Yeah that wont lead to problems..

Codewow42d ago

Cheat detection in its current form has problems. I can’t see it getting any worse with an AI

Rude-ro42d ago

Is cheating that big of problem on Xbox?
I mean, the normal situations can not be fixed because they have to do more with advantages like a xim connector with a modded keyboard and mouse giving a player anit flinch and shooting control with aim assist etc. or modded controller.
Lag switching can happen I guess..
But by the description, it sounds like it is looking at achievements and gamer scores. Things that can effect rewards etc more than player v player situations.

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The story is too old to be commented.