E3 2018: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Doubles Down on Puzzles and Exploration

Lara's next adventure features a fictional culture that has deep roots in real ancient civilizations, and touts a bigger and more immersive setting with a focus on building out the game's fictional culture to help keep exploration interesting.

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morganfell259d ago

"Shadow of the Tomb Raider Doubles Down on Puzzles and Exploration"

Glad they are doing this and really liked how puzzles and exploration were the main focus of the E3 trailer and presentation...

UltraNova258d ago

This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I'll wait for some reviews after it comes out to see if this is true. I missed the old style TR games that focused on, you know tomp raiding...

morganfell258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I was being facetious. Sorry, I thought people got the joke. They didn't concentrate on puzzles in the presentation. It was all about "Lara First Blood Part IV" I posted those remarks because the E3 info was so divergent compared to what was stated by the headline. At first I thought the article was going to be satire.

MuddyWaters258d ago

The games started to get away from the early games too much and became just action pieces with a bit of puzzles thrown in. It almost became an Uncharted game with crafting. I would like more exploration and good puzzles.

bigmalky258d ago

It has taken the same route as Resident Evil over the years, minus VII.

Thoughtful adventure games with puzzles and tricky enemies, to grab a ridiculous armoury and kill as much as possible.

strayanalog258d ago

I'm definitely fine with this. I just want Shadow to beat - or at the very least - compete with the first Tomb Raider reboot. Rise was fine, but there were problems that needed addressing, like animation, campsites in awkward areas that broke the story or tension, and stealth gameplay. If this is Lora's last hurrah as to what she is to become, then let's go for broke and raise that bar before next gen.

gamer7804258d ago

agreed, so far i liked the previous reboot far better, I don't think this will ever reach that but hopefully its better than the previous 2 in this most recent reboot. Maybe they'll even let her wear shorts this time around, gasp! lol.

fluxmulder258d ago

Sounds good. I'd like to see them bring some of the puzzles out of the optional tombs and into the actual game world.

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zerocarnage258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I love new reboot Lara she is absolutely ace as a character to get into and as a person going through what she goes through.

I can't believe though that we are going to see Lara going through an attempted rape scene from what I read in some article -The devs said that they believe putting Lara through traumatic scenes like that would make us care even more about Lara, damn rite I want to kill the guy that hurts her or tries. These new Lara games have been bought to life so much by the devs that it's almost life like on taking her through her journey in a game now.

No wonder why the devs got so many awards for Lara and her new games and they deserve it for the magnificent story telling and game design that they have made.

morganfell258d ago

I agree to an extent and plan to grab this day one but the "I can't so this" crying needs to stop. At some point she needs to get pissed off and go to work. As for the attempted rape, that's about enough of the social commentary and the drama.

bigmalky258d ago

Her journey hasn't really been that in depth. In the first reboot, she went from terrified college graduate on an exploration with friends, to a stealthy, fully weapons trained army killing machine in the first hour of the game. The mass murder continued in RotTR...

That's not good progression, that's the Mary Sue effect and turning her into a brutal sociopath was the wrong choice.

Lara should be a survivor, picking off who she needs to, not running around with an armoury that would make John Matrix jealous while destroying hundreds of military trained soldiers.

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