Cyberpunk 2077 and Knee-Jerkism

For CD Projekt Red fans, E3 2018 should have been a slam dunk. After three long years of waiting and wondering, gamers finally got a look at the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Initially, it was exciting. As interviews were conducted and more gameplay details were revealed, many fans’ excitement quickly transformed into anger. Cyberpunk 2077, as it turned out, was not going to be the game they were expecting.

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robtion143d ago

I don't think the reaction was knee-jerk. CDPR announced the game very early, set up massive expectations for a single player RPG and touted character customisation as a key feature. Naturally many people were thus expecting a 3rd person game.

They they went on to announce it as a first person game shattering those expectations. It is very easy to see why there was disappointment/backlash. Unless it is a MP game where others see your character a first person perspective largely devalues character customisation.

Showing the demo, which is apparently amazing, to the public may have allayed these concerns but they chose not to do that. Not well thought out at all. I respect CDPR but this whole incident was easy to forsee and could have been handled much better.

Can't wait to play it though, has been my most anticipated game since the original announcement trailer.

Wotbot142d ago

The game looks like it could be incredible, I didn’t want a Witcher 3 in cyberpunk clothing.

sampsonon142d ago

Even if the game was a 3rd was in person doesn't mean it would be a clone of the Witcher.

Wotbot141d ago

But the comparisons would be there.

Bourne414142d ago

I like the risk CDPR is taking, they aren't playing it safe for the sake of sales. Everything I've read sounds amazing, and I cant wait to see the game in action.

sampsonon142d ago

"After three long years of waiting and wondering"

Ummm? the game was announced back n 2012.