Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Gameplay

CG writes: Take a look at some Bloodstained Ritual of the Night gameplay from the just released Kickstarter backer demo. If you like platform action adventuring in a 2.5D style then this is worth keeping an eye on for sure.

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Spurg138d ago

The look of the game is quite disappointing.
I've seen many indie developers create games that emulate the look of 2d castlevania and absolutely nail it.

I have no clue why he decided to choose this 3d asthetic instead of a 2.5d similar to ori and ample other metroidvania games. This game just doesn't look right and in the gameplay side of things I don't think it's exciting either.

It seems Kickstarter has failed yet again to give us what we want. I'm still waiting for a day when developers will use that money to create a game that rivals the games from big companies. One thing that Kickstarter has proven is that creative developers need to be managed and be ushers to meet certain expectation.

Larrysweet138d ago

Except you may be first negative ive heard on game so maybe your opinion is of the minority

ShockUltraslash137d ago

Actually there are some other nostalgia fans that don't like the graphics style.
You run into them across the forums and YouTube.
The sprite style they want is very outdated and looks ugly on higher resolutions. Also UE4 is optimised for the 3D style they are going for. In the end the gameplay is what matters and everyone seems to be satisfied with that.

Sarevok137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

1. ''In the end the gameplay is what matters'' I like having both.
2. ''The sprite style they want is very outdated and looks ugly on higher resolutions.'' Go play Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

phoenixwing138d ago

Looks great. I'll be buying when it's released.

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antikbaka137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

cheap slow disappointing

face animation is made by 5 year old baby