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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Preview - This was easily the most anticipated game of E3, but, does it deliver on its promises? We got to play it at E3 and give our impressions!

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HeyHeyHeyGaming140d ago

Excited to try out Ridley but always gonna have to go with my main, Zero Suit Samus. Interested to see if there are going to be any new modes introduced.

TheSuperiorGamer139d ago

Ridley looks really good and seems to live up to the hype from what I saw on the stream.

emiyaxtousaka139d ago

Zero Suit Samus was always hard for me to control. Have her amiibo tough which is awesome. Who's your secondary character?

HeyHeyHeyGaming139d ago

I would probably go Fox or Sonic. Both are really fun. Who’s yours?

emiyaxtousaka139d ago

@heyhey mine are Toon Link, Link (before nerfed, hopefully he's not in this game), and Zelda. Zelda has become my main though because I've mastered Din's Fire. It's cheap, yeah, but if used correctly it is killer. and her attacks are really powerful. I like Shulk too but he's hard to master.

TheSuperiorGamer139d ago

It looks great but honestly there better be some more new characters. I think this is Smash's swan song honestly. next system will probably port it.

The 10th Rider139d ago

Yeah, I think it will be hard to top this. IMO they should start off the next system with a port of Smash Ultimate, with any and all DLC included. Then later that gen they should put out a new one that reboots the roster and starts it from scratch.

paintedgamer1984139d ago

Exactly, Judging by the to disagrees you have it makes no sense to me that nintendo fans don't want a reboot of this franchise. It's almost like they just want more of the same

Neonridr139d ago

@paintedgamer1984 - maybe they don't want Smash to launch on the next system and just have a new Smash right away. Doesn't mean that people want more of the same, they just might have been disagreeing with 10th's idea.

3-4-5139d ago

Not the last smash...It's too profitable for that, but there will be a smash "reset" after this game on the next Nintendo console.

It will launch with about 30 characters all redone from the ground up and some favorites won't be returning right away or maybe until the game after that or ever.

This smash is the ultimate culmination of all past smash games.

emiyaxtousaka139d ago

I got to play as Ridley and it was incredible. What a dream come true. If it's the final smash game I don't care, it seems like it will be the definitive version. And I got the hat! so cool.

jay2139d ago

Ummm im.more pumoed for 3/4s of the new games

3-4-5139d ago

I'm most excited to start with only original characters and have to unlock all the stages and characters. To me, that is my single player experience.

It allows me to become more familiar with other characters I may not have tried out and playing them helps me play against them because I understand their move set then.

Yoshi's Island from Smash 64 is back to!

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