Why Dark Souls is Still So Good, Seven Years Later

Dark Souls is one of the most iconic franchises in gaming history and it changed the way we view video games forever. Here's a story on several reasons why the game still remains so good.

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PhoenixUp139d ago

I just don’t like how any difficult game nowadays is compared to Dark Souls

The “___ is the Dark Souls of ___” is an overused phrase that’s unironically overstated.

GhostPandaColin139d ago

I agree with you Phoneix. Like with Nioh, a game I absolutely love, it is always compared to Dark Souls. I'm not going to lie, I am guilty of writing a draft for a piece comparing Nioh and Dark Souls but totally get what you mean. Let the other hard games have their own identity.

AK91137d ago

Because it was a Miyazaki game from start to finish.

jznrpg137d ago

Demons and Dark Souls are 2 of the best games ever !!