Why I Play Games: Fallout - Sometimes You Can Love Something So Much it Hurts

Patrick Waring at GameCloud writes: "My first encounter with Fallout wasn’t with one of its games or a piece of related fiction. It was an online argument (perish the thought) about how a then-newly announced Fallout 3 was ripping off the recently released BioShock. This stemmed from the fact that Fallout had traditionally been a CRPG, and the third title in the series was shifting to being an FPS ARPG. Weirdly, however, this is far from the crux of what makes a Fallout game, well, a Fallout game. As I’ll convey in this meandering wall of reminiscence, the worth of a Fallout game lives and dies by player choice."

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Profchaos139d ago

It's funny that most hardcore fans trash fallout 4 yet it remains the highest selling title in the bethesda stable.
They hate everything about it from the talking protag to the gun combat.

Personally it's my favourite and sure people can start as many petitions and such to take it back to the way it was before but ultimatly people voted with their wallets and I think fallout 5 will end up with striking similarities to 4 but I can see them using a new engine like es6 seems to have