Nintendo announces Japan Expo 2018 lineup

Nintendo has announced the lineup of playable titles it is bringing to Japan Expo 2018, which runs from July 5 to 8 in Paris.

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superchiller21d ago

Very mediocre list of games. Hard to believe people are excited about the future of the Switch.

cpayne9321d ago

Your comment history is funny

DrStronk21d ago

The word mediocre doesn’t belong anywhere close to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Kun_ADR20d ago

Smash, Octopath, and No More Heroes looks awesome. Wtf are you talking about?

princejb13420d ago

i bought a switch last week just for smash bros ultimate

superchiller19d ago

Sorry to hear that. Hope you get your money back soon.

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Geobros21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Poor list! I was waiting a surprise and I see games came out in 2017, wtf Nintendo? Anyway....I will play Octopath this Summer.

Aceman1820d ago

Octopath is the only game on that list I care about. I might pick up MHG