Super Bomberman R Presents. David Hayter as Naked and Solid Snake.

Super Bomberman R is adding both Naked Snake and Solid Snake Bomber both voiced by David Hayter.

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PhoenixUp147d ago

David Hayter got the last laugh on Kojima in more ways than one

UCForce147d ago

Yeah, but they didn’t bring Quinton Flynn back to play as Raiden. He sound like soulless machine. Again, I agree with you on that one.

FallenAngel1984147d ago

Guess they couldn’t get Quinton Flynn back as well since Raiden here sounds like a soulless machine.

Would’ve been a great reunion project for the two actors in those roles

Knushwood Butt147d ago

Bit of a no-brainer tie-up from Konami, but good fun.

Goemon characters too. Nostalgia.

deadfrag146d ago

Konami puts Solid,Naked Snake and Raiden on a new low!Metal Gear dead on the water unfortunately.