Who is rA9 in Detroit: Become Human

Look into the concept of rA9 and what it represents in the mythology of the new game by Quantic Dream

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Lightning Mr Bubbles167d ago

It never says. It's most likely just a myth that androids made up. The android that comes closest to leading and freeing android kind is probably Markus but I don't think he's meant to be rA9.

Aceman18167d ago

I thought it was Markus, but what if it was some kind of AI consciousness that woke the androids to bring them to life.

Pozzle166d ago

I liked the little hint that Kamski was either aware of ra9, or possibly even created the deviancy virus. I just wish we'd learned more about him. He was the one who gifted Markus to Carl, so it would be interesting to know if he knew what Markus was capable of.

mkis007167d ago

What if rA9 was the 4th playable character he teased in that interview.

AK91167d ago

I thought it was Markus