The Ultimate Guide To Destiny 2 Forsaken

With E3 2018 now well and truly over it's time to roundup everything we know about Destiny 2 Forsaken that was revealed through various discussions at the event. At this point we still have no idea what the end product will look, feel, and play like, but if bungie continue to fulfil promises they way they have been then there's a good chance it'll be a brand new age for Destiny 2.

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NewMonday169d ago

I'm back on the Destiny train, Warmind was a good step in the right direction and Forsaken looks to go all-out. the full return of 6v6 PVP seals the deal for me.

Jimboms169d ago

I'm right there with you, it looks like it's going to totally renew the game and make it exactly what players want. Bring on the solo endgame!