Let’s Rank the Big Three By How Great They Are to Gamers in 2018

Twinfinite writes: It's been an interesting year for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, with some big strides forward and a few steps back for each company. Here's how each of the big three stack up in terms of how well they've treated gamers in 2018.

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xRacer74x175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

I rank mine by time spent with console in 2018
1.Xbox X
Nintendo and Sony are really close I did not really get into God Of War but recently started to play Detroit but I also played a good amount of Mario Odyssey this year as well. Monster Hunter World is the game I spent 100s of hours on so far.
If you play Mulit-plat titles on Sony machines you could easily switch 1 and 4.

Kokyu174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Your statement has to be satire. Xbox at the top. Then you add PC which isnt even a platform its device, steam is a platform that uses the PC device.

darthv72174d ago

Why would it be satire if that is what he did? I read it as he spent most time on the xbox, then the PC, then switch and then PS4.

And technically they are all devices within their platforms. Steam would be a service that runs within the Windows platform (for example) which is most likely on a PC device.

xRacer74x174d ago

I could say the same about your rankings. Really PS4 at the top I rarely play it. But that is what is great about gaming we all have choices and the games we play the most. You also most not have a PC capable of gaming if you feel its not platform for gaming.

shinoff2183174d ago

Sony has way better exclusives.

xRacer74x173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

And the X plays the multi-plat titles way better. Also the Xbox has way better racing games.

Krangs_Uncle175d ago

You know how a company is good to gamers? By giving them GAMES.

Sony have quite frankly embarrassed their competition this year.. In fact this whole gen.

The media can try all they like to create friction for clicks, and baseless headlines, but how good are 'the big 3' to gamers? Look at the sales for for the console with the most consistent, diverse exclusives.

Neonridr175d ago

Pretty sure Nintendo has pumped out a crap load of titles over the past year and a bit since the Switch was launched. But yes, Sony has done a fantastic job putting out high quality exclusives as well. Nintendo doesn't have the luxury of relying on 3rd party support as much like MS and Sony do though.

Krangs_Uncle175d ago (Edited 175d ago )

You want me to compare 2018's exclusive titles?

Hence the header of this article being about 2018.

Nintendo have had some great games this gen, but don't have the diversity or quality in production of new IP's that Sony consistently maintains.

Neonridr175d ago

@Krangs - well you did say this gen in your argument. My response was more directed at that specifically. But yes, you are right, this article is talking about 2018 and no denying Sony has put out some awesome titles so far this year with a few more still to come this fall.

Prince_TFK174d ago

“Nintendo have had some great games this gen, but don't have the diversity”

Same thing could be said to Sony. Sony doesn’t have 1st party exclusive games in genres like kart racer (Mario Kart), fighter (Smash), Jrpg (Xenoblade), or strategy (Mario+Rabbids). All they promote now are third person cinematic games.

shinoff2183174d ago

Alot of the switch games were also on other consoles

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Silly gameAr175d ago

The system that has been about gaming before 2018 is the one I'm going for.

FallenAngel1984175d ago

“Sony has even reintroduced the idea of PlayStation Hits, letting players pick up some of the best PS4 games for the low price of $19.99.”

But Sony had already dropped the price of many of their games to $20 in the past. This new bargain brand is more for cheaper third party games

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