Ghosts of Tsushima Will Make You Feel Epic When Walking From One End of The Map To The Other

Sucker Punch says the real measure of a game world "isn't how big it is".

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chrisx119d ago

sure looks like a masterpiece this game.

BiggerBoss118d ago

Agreed, everything about this game looks incredible.

UCForce119d ago

A game that make you a true samurai.

gameseveryday119d ago

It will be interesting to see what other gameplay scenarios the game will have. After all, we only saw one side mission at E3.

BiggerBoss118d ago

True, I can't wait to see more gameplay, and how the open-world is managed.

So hyped.

adonisisfree118d ago

A tower defense mechanic is confirmed. Along with a battles royale mode

Omnisonne118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

One image that still sticks with me is where rode his horse through the fields, with the wind blowing over the tall grass. That was really well done as far as world design goes.

doggo84118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

"Sucker Punch says the real measure of a game world "isn't how big it is"

Thank you, FFS, at least one dev gets it.

UCForce118d ago

Yeah, I just don’t know why people prefer bigger thing and sometimes bigger doesn’t mean better. It’s seem Sucker Punch want the game to be focus and consistent.

bouzebbal117d ago

Breath 0f the Wild had a huge world but was boring AF..

GNCFLYER118d ago

This has quietly snuck up on me and is now one of my most anticipated games to buy.

Always did love SP. Original Infamous was my favorite but I did like the others, something about 1 though.

So samurai game, gorgeous graphics, not hack n slash, SP. Nuff said, day one purchase..

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