The Surge 2 Carves Its Own Action-RPG Niche With An Improved Dynamic Combat System | The Koalition

Max Moeller from The Koalition writes: Deck 13’s The Surge was a surprise hit for me last year. Though I’m a big fan of difficult action-RPGs, I wasn’t very impressed with the team’s first attempt, Lords of The Fallen. Because of this, I went into The Surge expecting little yet receiving a lot. Despite some issues with enemy variety, there was the right amount of dystopian future and distinctive combat mechanics to hold my interest through to the end.

I was even more surprised at the announcement of a sequel to the game. Rather excitedly, I was fortunate enough to see a hands-off demo of The Surge 2 at this years E3. From this short experience, I can already tell Deck 13 has taken the feedback from the first game to heart.

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