Is Activision Following The EA Route Of No Single-Player Modes?

Katherine: When gamers hear the word “Activision”, most gamers would recall its flagship game: Call of Duty. Because of the multiple Call of Duty installments, most gamers would think that Activision would be going the no single-player mode route. Most of the game modes it offers often requires multiple players. Because of this, some people would even call Call of Duty to be more of a LAN game or a party game. With the multiple genres they’re in, they appear not to have a specific specialization unlike some other game developers.

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ILoveEmman147d ago

No, they're publishing Spyro and the FromSoftware single player game.

InKnight7s146d ago

Publishing is totally another thing.

xRacer74x147d ago

Now I cant get behind hate for Ea but I have no issue hating on Activision cant stand the company and their tactics.

MuddyWaters146d ago

Battlefield which is Call of Duty's main competitor does have a single player mode so I don't really understand the topic. I guess the argument being made is Battlefield single player mode is not all that deep.

MorpheusX146d ago


Is that somehow suppose to make even a little sense?

You can't hate the Company that's been voted "Worst Company" but you do or can get behind hate for Activision?

Your a ball of confusion.

xRacer74x146d ago

It means I have no issues with EA but I hate Activision as a company and the ways they do business. Almsot all the reason people hate EA apply to Activision who are worse.

MorpheusX146d ago (Edited 146d ago )


Yet u don't see the " Hypocrisy " in your statement.


You said it yourself:

" Almost all the reason people hate EA apply to Activision who are worse. "

Worse maybe, but, still the same. Why does your "hate" not extend to EA?

Is there some particular game that EA has that you play, that keeps you from holding them to the same "standard" ?