FIFA 18 remains No. 1 in Europe for third week running

World Cup fever keeps FIFA 18 on top both digitally and at retail

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butchertroll91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Did you saw the charts? :D Days Of Play really had a huuuuuge impact in Europe ( also digital rankings are included for almost whole Europe ).

littlezizu91d ago

Playstation Domination. Europe is Sony Land

neutralgamer199291d ago

Oh yeah playstation is a world wide brand

littlezizu90d ago

Agree, Playstation is Global brand that is why average sales of playstion console is 100+ million.
While Nintendo and Xbox console average less than 50 million

neutralgamer199291d ago

GT:S still selling strong this shows how Gt sells for long long time and fans knows PD will support it well unlike another racing game being milked yearly