Ghost of Tsushima Is Not A Hack ‘n’ Slash Game, Combat Is Really “Out of The Ordinary”

Sucker Punch discusses how the combat of Ghost of Tsushima stands out.

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lxeasy120d ago

this game didn't look like a hack and slash. precision timing to counter and attack looks more like it.

gameseveryday120d ago

My only concern at this point is whether the other enemies will remain just idle or will they attack the player all together. I really hope it's the latter, since it adds more realism and makes the game more challenging.

AspiringProGenji120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

It’ll be obviously the latter. Aren’t we used to see samurai fight a bunch with sword and parrying/dodging already

Jinger120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Agreed, but I can't imagine that's how it will be. The gameplay looked amazing, but I agree the next time we see it I want to see more on how you will handle groups of attacking enemies. The various dodges and parries. Can you parry an attack from behind or only in front etc.

I love the realistic approach they're taking with the sword combat.

tiagra120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

It reminds me of Hellblade. Enemies usually wait for their turns to attack and they get faster when you progress through the game. This allows a very satisfying one-on-one combat and (if you forget about the they-are-just-wainting-for-the ir-turn part) it makes the enemies seem cautious about your attacks.

Sunny_D120d ago

I want to see some Rorouni Kenshin type combat. Can you imagine, the game goes into detail about the different schools of combat and how to fight them? Damn, I’m salivating over the possibilities. Better not hype myself up too much.

rainslacker119d ago

Samurais didn't usually all attack at once. At least not more than a couple at a time. It'd be quite dangerous to have that many swords swinging around, and it tends to go against proper sword forms. Maybe some of those that aren't samurais that attack would be more brutish and team up.

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yeahright2120d ago

Exactly. I also liked how it looked like one properly placed hit can kill an enemy, reminds me a bit of bushido blade in that regard.

cha0sknightmare120d ago

I thought the demo looked lovely but the gameplay really reminded me of old school AC. I hope the combat requires more skill and thought to it.

TimelessDbz120d ago

Dont know why you are getting down voted. You speak the truth .

TheSplooge120d ago

Because its a sin to compare ps games to any 3rd party game.

ShadowWolf712120d ago

No, he spoke an opinion that people disagreed with. Stop whining about downvotes for an opinion.

BiggerBoss119d ago

This game doesn't remind me of AssCreed at all, that's why I downvoted.

Dragonscale119d ago

Yeah it looks almost as bad as sot 'combat' /s.

Eiyuuou119d ago

It does look similar in the sense of lethal counters and finishing moves. But I think that's probably it.

Ceaser9857361119d ago

Lol! How is it any truth? I never saw Old school AC with such move like GOT. So this dude is making it up and since it's a PS exclusives we have haters who would agree with such BS and then say it's a sin to compare PS games with Third party..
I love Ac games but GOT is nothing close to AC games.. now if you are talking about Jin climbing the roof then I nothing to say just #facepalm..

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quiddd120d ago

Lovin the game so far. About the shot kills is good. But I wouldn't mind fights where there's a fight where it become a swordfight like you see in the movies.

Jinger120d ago

Well the final fight under the Japanese Maple Tree sort of had that feel where we will see a back and forth fights with more skilled bosses.

UCForce120d ago

From what I seen the gameplay, it is more about lethal precision. I really like that.

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