Final Fantasy Creator Suggested Kingdom Hearts To Have Complicated Story, Tetsuya Nomura Revealed

Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura spoke about the original game's story and how he received advice from Hironobu Sakaguchi

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PhoenixUp148d ago

We’ve already known this for years. How is this news?

InKnight7s148d ago

Well KH 1 was on right path and could evolve to something phenamonal but they ruined it with stupidity of multi hearts and bodies BBS was on the right path but they didn't invest on it well.

G3ng4r147d ago

Yeah, it all went downhill after the first game. Now the story is worse off than ffviii.

Sirk7x147d ago

FF8's storyline is crazy lol. Multiple simultaneous time paradoxes. One of my favorite FF games.

rainslacker147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

People always seem to say the story of KH as a whole is complicated. I personally never found it complicated, just very convoluted....and a lot of that is because they keep throwing in new things to make up new stories which aren't really all that necessary to the main cannon which was established in the first game.

It's more like having a singe anime franchise where different series take place in different universes or time lines, yet they want them all to actually be connected at a core level.

Bahamut148d ago

Well, entice him to rejoin. Or buy his development studio, Mistwalker. Plz.

Elda147d ago

Most FF & KH stories are convoluted.

TheColbertinator147d ago

Overly complicated since Chain of memories

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