Spider-Man PS4 Web-Swinging Gets Further Details; Game May Feature New Game Plus Mode

Additional details on how Spider-Man PS4 web-swinging works in the game have been revealed. Game may also feature a New Game Plus mode

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UCForce170d ago

God of War NG+ is coming and now Spider Man NG+, too ? That’s sound early Christmas for me.

MuddyWaters169d ago

I'm glad they listened to feedback for God of War and I bet Insomniac had its ears open too.

TheKingKratos168d ago

Oh you have no idea how much i'm holding back on my 2nd playthrough waiting for the new game+

CobraKai169d ago

I hope it’s true. Insomniac didn’t really confirm that it’s happening. If only more games had the New Game + option. I feel that starting a new game with a character you invested so much time powering up, adds to the replay value; even if it makes the game a little easier.

Jeff257169d ago

Honestly if they do add it to Spider-Man I hope they do it like God Of War or HZD does. With HZD you can choose new Game Plus and play it on a higher difficulty setting and even get better gear. For God Of War they have said they will make NG+ harder to make up for people being able to bring certain things over. I think Spider-Man could benefit from extra difficulty on a second playthrough.

Bathyj169d ago

" you must release or jump off (release R2 or press X). Holding R2 the web will break and you will fall."

That's so cool. Skill based web swinging. I think Spiderman might have the most fun traversal in an open world game.

Toiletsteak169d ago

Can it be September 7th already so I can pick up my collector's edition.

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