34 Best Open World Games You Should Play

Cultured Vultures: Our list of the best open world games ranges from kicking zombies right in the face to climbing the biggest peak you can find.

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xfiles2099176d ago

As soon as I saw Sea of Thieves was on the List I knew this article was trash

DialgaMarine176d ago

You had MEA, SoD2, and SoT, but not Horizon: ZD? Seriously? Either a closet Xbox fanboy, or just an idiot. More than likely both.

Zodiac176d ago

Horizon is there at #6

DialgaMarine176d ago

Nevermind, you’re right. Not sure how I missed that one.

Even still, MEA, SoD2, and SoT? I guess if you really like glitchy messes or boring fetch quests...

Doge176d ago

Bruh take the L already lmao

racer22176d ago

Zelda Breath of Wild is definitively Number One for me.