Splatoon 2 Returns To Top Of Japanese Gaming Charts 48 Weeks After Launch

The latest from Game Data Library reinforces just how successful the new squids on the block have become, with the second game in the series, Splatoon 2, returning the top of the Japanese gaming charts, last week, after a 48-week absence.

It's likely linked to the recent release of the Octo Expansion, perhaps illustrating how effective DLC can be sales-wise when done right. If this doesn’t blow your mind, this is the longest time on record since a game has returned to the top spot since the original Pokémon titles did it back in 1997 - exactly 89 weeks after launch.

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Neonridr144d ago

well it's not like Splatoon 2 was far off from the top of the charts each and every week anyways. A testament to how much the Japanese love this game.