Microsoft made the most important move, future-proofing Xbox

"Microsoft’s most important announcement during its E3 2018 conference wasn’t a game, but rather the acquisition of its four new internal studios, and the birth of a new one." -- Xbox Enthusiast

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Ninja_Ryu120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

This move is definitely for next generation and beyond and not for the Xbox one era.

JaguarEvolved120d ago ShowReplies(27)
Doggy123120d ago

@jaguarEvolved - do you ever give it a rest!!!!

SuperSonic91119d ago

Its too late for that move

shinoff2183120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

By buying a couple studios. Are they even caught up to how many sony has. I'm just glad I'm getting we happy few on ps4, watch It even sell better on ps4. Atleast that will release before ms completely possibly screws that dev up somehow

porkChop120d ago

"Are they even caught up to how many sony has."

Probably not, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that they're finally making a real investment in first party. People have been hammering Microsoft about that all gen, and they're finally doing it.

They have 5 new studios, most of which have at least 2 teams. That means Microsoft will have a far healthier output of games next gen. That means more competition, and that's better for everyone.

"I'm just glad I'm getting we happy few on ps4, watch It even sell better on ps4"

The PS4 install base is more than double the Xbox One's. Of course the PS4 version will sell better.

shinoff2183120d ago

Yea idk that second comment about selling better, well no sit on my end.

Idk ms had studios I'm basically saying what will be different this go around

Prubar120d ago

A couple implies 2. Disingenuous comment.

ThatGuyDart120d ago

Microsoft has 11

Sony has 12

xsta1ker120d ago

yes and throw in xbox live game pass and the only true backwards compatibility
from ms and next gen should be great.

porkChop120d ago

Disagrees just for stating facts. Not even surprised.

DialgaMarine120d ago

@xsta1ker When did an emulator become true BC? True BC would be being able play every single last gen title off the bat, and PS5 will have that next gen.

ImGumbyDammit120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

" PS5 will have that next gen."

Are you sure? What has Sony done to make you believe that is true? Why would they? PS4 fanboys think BC is a waste, no need for it. Sony itself has said officially several times that there is little request for BC from users. Why would they do it for the PS5 if there is such a minor request for it now? It might make sense from the outside and not a tough thing to do for PS4 on a PS5 but, that may not always be the best answer revenue wise for Sony. PSNow is essentially a PS4 (PS5 in the future and PC is negligible ) and it would lose any value it has in its current form if BC were on the PS5. By the way, I suspect people would like their PS4 games to run like they are on a Pro on a PS5 and that means Sony will definitely have to emulate the Pro because that is not a standard setup (two cards attached together - not something you just work out without emulating)

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Ausbo120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

you act like Microsoft has screwed up many devs. Can you name more than Rare as an example?

porkChop120d ago

Eh, Lionhead's downfall was more to do with Molyneux. Every dev he's been a part of has had tons of issues. MS likely played a role, but they weren't the big issue.

Ausbo120d ago

I’ll give you ensemble. But Iionhead made better games after being acquired by Microsoft.

Yeah they were closed, but fable 1,2 were their best games

Jinger120d ago

But to counter my own point... Sony has also shut down PLENTY of studios as well. The difference is that Sony always had a lot more studios so shutting down one or two a year wasn't as big of a deal.

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DialgaMarine120d ago

Even if they have more studios, they simply don’t have the quality, and won’t for a long time, if ever.

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THC CELL120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

When dreams comes out mini developers are gunna pop up all over, I'm been serious u are going to see some mad stuff on that game

When xbox box gets GG ND SM studios I'll care till then meh

Ausbo120d ago

Dreams was announced before even crackdown was announced.

At this point, it just needs to come out already.

Urzusix120d ago

One is a basic shooter the other is a massive creator tool that would take years to tune, take your own advice about being a fanboy X3

DialgaMarine120d ago

Dreams was announced at E3 2015; Crackdown 3 at Gamescom 2014. Nice try though.

Ausbo120d ago

@Diaglamarine Dreams was shown at the PlayStation reveal in 2013

ShadowWolf712120d ago

Dreams was not shown off. Mm showed off their new engine and stuff they'd been doing with Move controls. Not once was their game announced or shown.

UCForce119d ago

People already played Dream at E3 booth. Their impressions were very positive and i’m pretty sure that they will announce the release date. Yes, Dream was announced at PlayStation Reveal 2013, but it was new engine that MM was working on and we didn’t know the game name back then. In E3 2015, Dream was officially announced.

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BuildTheWall120d ago

There's no future proofing anything

RadicalCannibal119d ago

Except, when you future proof it

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