Top 5 Third-Party Games That Should Be On the Nintendo Switch

We all have that one game that we desperately want to see added to the Nintendo Switch. Here's the top five games CoG want to see on the Switch.

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xfiles2099143d ago

Switch is a weak system Most of these would not look or run great on Switch The Switch is Nintendo trying to be different But in the End it is same old Nintendo who has and will never Grow Up

The 10th Rider143d ago

50/50. AC: Odyssey and Monster Hunter World wouldn't work well. Persona V would be perfectly fine (It's already on PS3) and Kingdom Hearts is Unreal based, which works well on Switch and is scaleable.

xfiles2099143d ago

I dont think Kingdom Hearts would look as good on Switch It may look good as far as Switch games go but compared to other Consoles

XentaJones143d ago

I smell comments like the switch is not powerful enough, nintendo are stupid, but I had to agree with the article would be nice to see these games on this system if there was a way.

kevnb143d ago

I think people are just upset they need to buy hardware they otherwise arent interested in to play Nintendo exclusives.