Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Revival Mechanic Will Likely Use Collectible Resource

"One of the biggest surprise of E3 2018 was that unveiling of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the latest game from the minds at From Software. While we had the teaser before from The Game Awards, this reveal showed us something different from their more recent games. While their games usually focus on not dying, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has an interesting revival mechanic that likely will rely on some sort of collectible resource to activate." - GCP

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UltraNova145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

And you probably resurrect once before you are send to the last checkpoint (something resembling a bonfire?). Thing is what will be the penalty for dying twice? Whats the game's currency (something like souls/blood)? Lots of questions. I need answers. Then again, answers or not its still Day 1.

iDadio145d ago

The resurrection element combined with a bonfire styled checkpoint system may work quite nicely. Think it may bring in new fans as that could potentially make the game slightly more forgiving if you die (as in you don't lose currency if you cannot reclaim your "body").

starchild145d ago

Maybe something like the Resurrection Leaf item in Tenchu.

Bathyj145d ago

Sorry to over share, but when someone besides me mentions Tenchu, I get a little stealth horn.

starchild145d ago

Haha I get the same way, man. Don't worry about it. Isn't it great we're finally getting some more games in the same vein? Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and Ghost of Tsushima look amazing.

Bathyj145d ago

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this Starchild. Tenchu was never AAA. I didn't give a damn. It's my favorite stealth game ever. It never got old for me. Something about cold steel and hot blood in the night, watching patrols for 5 minutes without making a move and then pouncing like a cat. Upgrades, abilities. POISON RICE!!

God I miss it. The only real Ninja game.

iDadio145d ago

You are not alone, I loved the Tenchu games because no other game quite managed to build the suspense over making your next move or the tense feeling you got when you saw the ? start building up on your meter.

I almost never got to play it either, sent my mother to go buy me it and she came back with Tombi...

masterfox145d ago

isn't that old school rather than new or unique?, either way Sekiro it seems like a must have for sure, that E3 trailer looked effing great!

ziggurcat145d ago

... and what happens when you run out of that resource?

iDadio145d ago

Assume you go back to the "bonfire" or whatever this game has as a checkpoint system.

It may even go the way of Demon souls where the checkpoint was merely the begging of the level and opening shortcuts was the only thing saving you time. Was kinda brutal too as you had to make it from the beginning of the level to the boss using only your set amount of healing, none of this bonfire next to a boss stuff the newer souls games have.

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