Why Fallout 76 Could Be A Massive Hit for Bethesda

Fallout 76 may well be a massive hit for Bethesda Game Studios once it ships this November, as post-E3 2018 data reports indicate.

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crazychris4124170d ago

Its Bethesda and Fallout, they could make plastic bags with a Fallout logo on it to pickup dog shit and people will buy it.

codelyoko170d ago

It's also online so yeah gonna sell gangbusters!

BiggerBoss169d ago

Any Fallout game from Bethesda is going to sell incredibly.

However, this does NOT mean that the game is going to be good, or incredible for that matter.

I personallly hope that it's good, but I don't have much hope.

I prefer the single player experience of Fallout and Skyrim, and multiplayer is just not my thing.

I know that multiplayer is the goal of this game, but I'm still not excited like I would be for a full single-player game.

Bobafret169d ago

Where can I get those?!!!

The_Sage169d ago

Hey, Chris... Your avatar is the same as a friend from called Tyronebiggums. I just had to tell ya. Lol.

CurbStompin169d ago

Where can I buy these? I NEED them

chris235169d ago

good one. i thought fallout 4 was a pile of nono. there are people out there who are a little bit more demanding than that ;-)
besides, the pointless online portion took this game to my blacklist. rip fallout. hooray to abominations of once good concepts.

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lelo2play170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

Fallout 76 might be a hit... but I have little interest in the game.

There are way more interesting games getting released this year.

UCForce170d ago (Edited 170d ago )

After disappointing Fallout 4, i’m not going to buy Fallout 76.

neutralgamer1992170d ago

FO4 was the victim of trying to appeal to casuals(bethesda won because it made them billions but it was a lesser experience than FO3 and new vegas)

-Foxtrot169d ago

They did a Skyrim but worse...dumbed it down and made it casual

I miss planning my builds and searching by hard work ways of earning more perks, Special or skill points

UCForce169d ago

@neutralgamer1992 I agree with you.

neutralgamer1992170d ago


just buying FO3/new vegas with all the dlc and will play them when i want to play an FO games. I really wanted FO3 and FO new vegas remastered for next gen consoles like skyrim was

SolidGear3169d ago

They were supposed to announce a Fallout 3 10th anniversary Edition at E3. I don't know why they didn't. That was the one leak that didn't happen.

BondJames170d ago

I hope game will be on steam

KaiPow170d ago

That's what most of us are hoping for. Having to get another launcher like is just going to be another waste of space.

BiggerBoss169d ago

Trust me, you can fully expect the game to be released for consoles, and then a year later be released for Steam.

Cybermario170d ago

people go nuts for a shit like Battle Royale, now Bethesda making an online Fallout experience? Is literally printing money

neutralgamer1992170d ago

bethesda printing money with anything FO related isn't a good thing for gamers as this is online only and last year they were all about save the single player. Atleast with EA we know what we are getting but with bethesda moving forward we aren't even sure where they stand

Avernus169d ago


Gotta love the doom and gloom from people. They literally said they're going to still continue offering people a SP experience in games. God forbid a dev try something new right?! Simple solution for you folks...don't like it, don't buy it. Just buy their SP only games. Me? I'm buying FA76, and will buy their SP games also.

Snookies12169d ago

This is a side game, of course it's going to be different. If it was titled Fallout 5 and only had multi-player. That is when you can be concerned.

BiggerBoss169d ago

I agree with you, but I also agree with @snookie.

Fallout SHOULD be an incredible Singleplayer experience, BUT this game is intended to be a multiplayer experience. That's just how it is.

I personally dislike this, but at least we're still getting an Elder Scrolls 6.

PhantomS42169d ago

Online only survival with barely any PVE content and no NPCs and bands of trolls out to only ruin solo players...oh and microtransactions on a full priced game. You have fun with that. There is not much excitement.

boyyzackk170d ago

What a stupid title to this article. It's Bethesda and fallout dude

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