The Last Night Gameplay Edit - Absent from E3 but Still in Development

CG writes: If you cast your minds back to Microsoft’s E3 press briefing in 2017 you might remember a game called, The Last Night. It’s being developed by indie dev Tim Soret at Odd Tales Ltd. coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, there was nothing from Microsoft to show this game even in their indie video showcase reel.


Update: Apologies, info was incorrect. This is being developed for the PC , Mac and Xbox One at this time.

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gangsta_red148d ago

I was definitely looking for more if this.

gangsta_red148d ago

*of this.

Damn touch screen phone!

Apocalypse Shadow147d ago

Still waiting on this game but still looking good. This, pedro, Hong Kong massacre, etc are looking good.

Seeing this game makes me think of Gemini Rue but on steroids.

shinoff2183147d ago

I thought I was out of luck, when I seen this before I was lead to believe it was xbox exclusive, I see its ps4 also, that's sweet

Ziege_UK147d ago

So want this on the PS4. Hopefully only a Microsoft timed exclusive so will make it eventually.