EDGE #321 review scores

This month's EDGE review scores include some tough verdicts for Detroit: Become Human and State of Decay 2.

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Ninja_Ryu92d ago

Laser League is fun but I wouldn't give it a 9.

Aeery92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

They are so bad when it comes to scoring games ... and biased (nintendo and UK games :D)

Also, they are really irrelevant now.

BiggerBoss92d ago

Everybody knows that Edge is irrelevant when it comes to game reviews.

I don't even see why they're reported on...

Old McGroin91d ago


"They are so bad when it comes to scoring games ... and biased (nintendo and UK games :D) "

So you think they should get someone who hates Nintendo to review Nintendo games?? Jesus, the people on this site, I swear...

Jaypi0391d ago

You mean they're only irrelevant when their scores don't line up with yours...

monkeyfox91d ago

Irrelevant and yet here we are talking about them.

I've personally always found edge to be one of better review magazines/sites in the industry.

@bigger boss - you don't know what you're talking about. Please name some reviewers you think ARE relevant.

SquareBurgers91d ago

Sounds like a fan base that I know.

Aeery91d ago

@Old McGroin
"So you think they should get someone who hates Nintendo to review Nintendo games??"

What ?! :D

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Aceman1892d ago

Hence why I stopped taking "gaming media" opinions seriously lol.

Sam Fisher92d ago

Yea im still old fashioned. It whatever catches my eyes, and if im iffy about it i go see gameplay from it before purchase and research it myself

OB1Biker92d ago

I believe its a very cynical business.

SquareBurgers91d ago

Why I take readers of N4G with a grain of salty.

TheColbertinator92d ago

Laser League must be a sleeper hit.
Ouch for State of Decay 2.

coolbeans92d ago

One of my favorite surprises of the year thus far.

Sam Fisher92d ago

That and overcooked are up there for me

Blastoise92d ago

Edge's review of Detroit is incredibly predictable

PhantomTommy92d ago

Much like the narrative in.... ah it's not even worth it. Beyond: Two Souls was absolutely god awful -- at the very least Detroit is a step up and far more enjoyable than Beyond. but Is it an 8, 9 or 10?? Hell no. It's average, not great not terrible... a 5.

coolbeans92d ago

You know...I was REALLY tempted to respond with something like this a few hours back. :P

RedDevils92d ago

I'm guessing you hate gaming

coolbeans92d ago


Criticizing a few David Cage games =/= 'hating' gaming. That's just such an uninspired response.

OB1Biker92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

There are so many branches the story can go. Saying its predictable is just silly.. Just Connor story and how things go with Hank, there are like a dozen different ways depending on your choices/actions.
Thing is its fine not to like this type of games but you have to give credit where its due. The game is very well done in what it was trying to achieve and absolutely delivers on its ambition to let you play your own story.

PhantomTommy92d ago


You guessed right, I HATE gaming. I just wish it would go away. "Damn gaming" -- that's me, I say that all the time.

I don't mean to sound like I think my opinion is fact and I'm always happy to hear the reasons why people enjoyed a game. Glad you enjoyed it. I do like narrative driven games like this, though. I adored What Remains of Edith Finch last year and I even enjoyed Heavy Rain back in the day. I was happy to give Cagey boy a bit of a pass on the first two but we're four games in now and I'm still holing down the bloody R2 button and wiggling the right analog stick while the characters say ludicrous things. There's a lot I like about Detroit and a lot I don't like. Overall I still think it's good, I just wish it was better.

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