David Cage Not Entirely Ruling Out Detroit Become Human Sequel

In a Reddit AMA session, David Cage was quizzed about the possibility of a Detroit Become Human sequel.

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Deep-throat148d ago

Heavy Rain, Beyond chief David Cage declares: "sequels kill creativity and innovation" - 2013

Pozzle148d ago

A guy can't change his mind in four years?

MuddyWaters148d ago

This is likely his biggest success so far and we all know what happens when a game does well, the higher ups automatically want to make a sequel to it. It's the same thing with The Last of Us. There was no real reason to do another other than it was a huge success. Same will happen with Horizon. Once a new IP does well you can bet there is pressure to make another.

BLow148d ago (Edited 148d ago )


Pozzel this is not towards you....

This is why I really try to stay off this site with fanboys like this. Do you really want to do the quote game? Because there is plenty for the Sony fans can bring up. We can even start with almighty Phil.

You of all people should be complaining about sequels. And not many different games with sequels at that. Do you actually have fun with this honestly?

I understand that people can have there preferences with these console but this blind loyalty is ridiculous. I've seen the same people on here for YEARS saying the same shit over and over. Starting crap over and over. It's unfortunate but hey I'm out. I'm not going to respond to you because really its no point. You've done this for years and it's just sad really.

We all know what the real Xbox gamers want and hopefully MS will step their game up. It just too bad the people like you have the loudest voices. I'm not going to engage with you because there is no point but people like you need to get called out. There is no reason for this. You have to be getting paid for this or something. This kind of blind loyalty is disturbing...

Real gamers, you guys that frequent this site on comments, need to really expose these guys and even bring proof and facts to the table. That's the only way to really stop this. The real Xbox gamers need to start to speak up. PlayStation gamers loves games. Good quality AAA games. You those games that look like my investment was worthwhile.

Power is not everything but talent outweighs that by a Longshot. Ask yourself this. Has anything MS has showed you so far for the X that blows ANYTHING Sony has put out this gen now, the future, and Even in the past? I'm also talking 1st party. What 6tf game has blown the Pro out of the water? Hell God of War was shown on standard PS4 before release. Ask yourself this and just look at the proof.

What about new IPs? Again look. All we want to Xbox to survive so WE ALL get better games!!! And I want to buy an xbox because I'm a gamer and I love games. I had a 360 and the OG and loved them. Especially the OG. The real PlayStation gamers want Xbox to succeed because we love games and we know that you guys deserve better. Plain and simple. Xbox gamers deserve better. It doesn't take having the most powerful system to make a great games. Look at Nintendo. Wake up. We are all in this together and if we speak then they will listen. DRM, Star Wars, remember??? We have a voice....wake up and demand more....

Back to the cave...

UCForce148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Or he understands why the fan love Detroit Become Human so much. Seriously, you are so bad at this.

OB1Biker148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

D Cage says QD never develop sequels but has always thought of the Detroit BH universe as a franchise because there's a lot to tell.

UCForce148d ago

He can do that. I would be surprises if he made Detroit Become Human sequel.

FallenAngel1984148d ago

How do you make a sequel to something with so many drastically different multiple endings?

porkChop148d ago

Yeah, picking a canonical ending sort of defeats the purpose of choice-based narratives.

morganfell148d ago

Nowhere in the interview did he say that possible DLC or sequels would involve the current characters or take place after the ending of the game. New characters with events that transpire during the same timeline are possible. A great many people want Hank/Connor DLC but those are not all the people asking for more material.

In the actual AMA he stated this: "There are so many characters in the game that could have a DLC about their backstories that it may be difficult to chose one... Actually, I wrote backstories for almost all the characters in the game, so I have a pretty good idea of what happened to them before the game started... But between people wanting an investigation about Connor, a full sequel and DLC about all characters, we will need to make a choice ;-)"

OB1Biker148d ago

I don't see why. Many of the ending were clearly a dead end and not favouring a sequel. Its easy to dismiss them as alternate endings rather than canonical endings. Sequel also can remain vague on the details but focus on the outcome with or without the same characters.

ameliabaz148d ago


I agree OB1Biker. If there had to be a canonical ending, it's safe to assume that the version where everybody lives, androids get recognised as equal, and Hank and Connor meet up again is more of a 'true' ending than the versions where everybody dies, Connor gets disassembled, or the city gets nuked.

porkChop148d ago (Edited 148d ago )


"Nowhere in the interview did he say that possible DLC or sequels would involve the current characters or take place after the ending of the game."

I didn't say that it would though. I was just responding to FallenAngel's point about the endings. Obviously they could use different characters or a parallel or prequel story. I know that. I was talking about the possibility of a direct sequel.

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Rimeskeem147d ago

If I'm not mistaken he could take the ending you had previously and go from there. I think that is what Mass Effect did.

Pozzle148d ago

DLC/sequel with more Hank and Connor detective missions please!

OpenGL148d ago

Connor really is the best

OB1Biker148d ago

He is the android sent by Cyberlife...
Joke aside, yes he's the most interesting character. Depending how you play he can be a charismatic badbass hero or an @sshole vilain and everything in between. The other day I was watching a play through and saw the fight between Connor and Hank that can go so many different ways but I didn't even know that scene was there.

OpenGL148d ago

I've been playing it and there have been some pretty good story elements but like Heavy Rain, I can't help but imagine what it would be like if they had this world, story, and visuals in a traditional game.

GTgamer148d ago

Ayeeeee I'm not gonna lie I do love this universe I'll take some more Connor missions thank you very much or another android like him.

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