Xbox and Nintendo: The start of a beautiful friendship?

Xbox and Nintendo are having a small romance in the gaming community because of their stance on the cross-play issues presently taking the industry by storm. What if this is the start of something unheard of? Could something as simple as cross-play lead to working together on games, online service, etc.?

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Sayai jin147d ago

Don't trust any corporation.

fiveby9147d ago

Kinda pathetic the lengths MS fanboys writers will go to garner clicks. This is much ado about nothing. Minecraft crossplay. Ok. Whatever.

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Godmars290148d ago

Up until money gets in the way.

DJK1NG_Gaming148d ago

Nope. They been working together. Dating back with the DS or even GBA.
With Rare working on games. Banjo games on GBA, Viva Pinata on DS and Diddy Kong Racing DS without the Rare Characters.
Cancelled Halo DS.

Also the movement from fans during the early days of 7th gen with the Wii60.
They were friends.