Xbox and Nintendo: The start of a beautiful friendship?

Xbox and Nintendo are having a small romance in the gaming community because of their stance on the cross-play issues presently taking the industry by storm. What if this is the start of something unheard of? Could something as simple as cross-play lead to working together on games, online service, etc.?

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gamerzero88d ago

Nintendo has signed a deal with the devil. Microsoft is just using Nintendo to damage Sony. If Sony ever becomes less of a rival for Microsoft, Microsoft will turn on Nintendo faster than Reggie can blink.

Sony has done nothing but bring a huge revival to the Japanese gaming market which has only helped Nintendo where as if Microsoft was in the lead Japanese gaming would have died this gen. The success of the 360 destroyed Japanese gaming and had that continued it wouldn't have survived this generation.

Despite how much Phil's lips flap about Japanese games he has zero interest in the Japanese gaming market. Microsoft's recent feigned interest in Japanese gaming is only for the purpose of damaging Sony's reputation of being the only place to play Japanese games.

If it wasn't for Sony they wouldn't even put the effort in to talk about Japan or partner with Nintendo in any form.

Cheesetoenails88d ago

conspiracy theory much?? Relax and enjoy in the crossplay if you can.

88d ago
naruga88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

@gamerzer @ cheese ...i agree totally with ganerzero....X360 success totally derailled Japanese game industry leading them to almost "suicide"themselves with mobile game orientation (though is not only X360s fault,lame Japanese devs didnt want to learn 1-2 things and develop new engines for games on PS3 and turned their back on the system).PS4 revitalised Japanese game industry helping Nintendo also (which has left only on lame portable game adaptations) .

...this new friendship is not a friendship, is just a forced collaboration as Minecraft is MS s property (and very oddly Minecraft has huge success in japan especially in young audiences) .....nothing more ..though the saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is as relevant as ever as none of the 2 can beat Sony wiht their serious approach to gaming

SuperSonic9188d ago

You guys need to get a room in the Nintendo Love Hotel with your micro and soft.
Hotel Mario Let sa go!

Skull52188d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I'd say Nintendo quit making consoles and just put their games on the Xbox since that is what they are good at. Never gonna happen though because I'm sure the mark up on Nintendo's hardware accessories is astronomical and probably account for a huge portion of their profits. The past few Nintendo consoles have been so underpowered it's sad, I'd like to see what they could do with an up to date console.

Obscure_Observer88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

All that i want is to see a Halo/Metroid crossover happening!!!

Make it happen MS and Nintendo! :)

SuperSonic9188d ago

This is the second tume Nintendo teamed up with a gaijin company against Sony.
Not good. Remember Philips CDi?

Aceman1888d ago

Well isn't this just the cutest little story now of them teaming up awwww.

subtenko87d ago

Lol theres nothing to see here, dont think for yourself, listen to your handlers, listen to these companys they care about you, here here let them hold on to your wallet for a second to take a picture with them, do not think for yourself, theres no underlining plan or deals going on, nothing to worryabout, haha why think when theres no deeper meaning to this? Haha what a loser that other guy is for thinking about stuff, he should be like you and not think! What fools!

3-4-587d ago

Yea somebody needs to take their tinfoil hat off?

"Deal with the devil" ?

Fadora is on way too tight.

No Way87d ago

That's almost 100 people who need to relax. As if cross-play would be a bad thing, for anyone.. As long as we can continue to use our preferred consoles log-in and not be forced to use or make another one, I don't see the problem. It's just more people to play with, as far as 3rd party goes. Of course 1st party won't be affected.

I cannot see any logical reason why so many people are upset with/against cross-play.

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DJK1NG_Gaming88d ago

"Sony has done nothing but bring a huge revival to the Japanese gaming market which has only helped Nintendo"
Sony has done nothing to revive the Japanese gaming market. Need I remind you the 3DS outsold both the PS4 and Vita combined x3.

Sure the PS4 gets a few big hinters in Japan every year that push it the PS4 to new sales height for good month but after that it goes back to normal or below average.

Anyone who disagrees with this haven't been playing attention to Media Create sales chart for the last 5 years. Also considering the fact that the Switch is less than 2 million behind the PS4 total install base in Japan.

UCForce88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Wow, you really hate Sony that much, aren’t ya ? Sure, The Switch doing better than Sony in Japan, but Sony is doing just fine in Japan.

XabiDaChosenOne88d ago

Please tell me what big budget AAA Japanese gamesbwhere being made for the 3ds? I really want to know.

badz14988d ago


"Need I remind you the 3DS outsold both the PS4 and Vita combined x3."

err...where have you been this whole time? the PS4 has surpassed the 3DS months ago. LOL

(PS4 + Vita) X 3 MY A$$!

SuperSonic9188d ago (Edited 88d ago )

You guys should really make up yourfickle minds.
Yesterday you were gungho on putting Xbone to last place with your "Switch surpassing Xbone soon" slogans.
Now you get a room in the Mario Love Hotel with Micro & Soft.
Are guys going crazy?
Make up your minds.

Niche Japanese franchises like Persona, NieR, Nioh, Dragon's Quest Builders, etc will never hit multi million unit sales on any Nintendo system like they did on PS4.

That I can guarantee you and anybody.
Nintendo won't allow it nor its loyal fanbase.

Sopota88d ago

Watch the Sony fanboys downvote this to death... they don't care about REAL facts.

trooper_88d ago

The 3DS did not outsell the Vita and PS4.

Sorry, but no.

DJK1NG_Gaming88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

To all you people saying 3DS did not outsell the PS4 and Vita.
Where your math?
The 3DS total install base in Japan is 24 million.
Neither the PS4 or Vita pass 7 million yet.

CBaoth88d ago

Where's my math? Where's yours? Vita has sold 5 million in Japan. Back in January, 14th to be precise, PS4 passed 6 million sales in Japan. Slowly follow along, 5+6=11. 11 million units COMBINED. According to your own post, 24 million 3DS units were sold in Japan. "Need I remind you the 3DS outsold BOTH the PS4 and Vita COMBINED x3." So 11x3=33. Where the hell in this universe does 33=24? Spare me the hyperbole excuse when they you start spouting off alleged "facts".

shinoff218387d ago

That's cause they love portable. Nintendo has done a good job attracting people to its system. Myself included. Sony and Nintendo is all you really need. I globally sony has this on lock.

FinalFantasyFanatic87d ago

I think you muddled your point, the 3ds has been great for Jrpgs and dungeon crawlers, but last gen, japanese games had an identity crisis, with the ps4 reaching such popularity we've had a revival of Japanese games on console. Whereas before it was all shooting games last gen.

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-Foxtrot88d ago

I think the issue is if they really wanted to get Sony's attention on cross play doing a trailer like this which gives off the impression they are trying to downplay Sony is not the way to go about it. I could see this from Microsoft in a way but I wouldn't have expected this type of behaviour from Nintendo, especially when they are doing so well with the Switch,

I mean remember when Sony did that little ad about sharing games to poke fun at Microsoft? They didn't say "Hey Nintendo want to get in on this and attack them together? Come on we'll crush them". did they?

It just comes off a little desperate and gives off the wrong impression, if anything this would make Sony dig their claws in more at the end of the day where they'll think the two companies are feeling "some kind of heat" to actually bring them together for something like this, and let's be honest it's something you would never have thought you'd see.

I mean the advert is something like crossplay, all this for that...I'm not trying to defend Sony with cross play but people acting it's like the Holy Grail when it's just overblown at this point, the typical "oh well he said she said online so...", it's different if the games involved were Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, The Division, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, Titanfall 2 but Fortnite and Miencraft? Come on. Hell Microsoft hardly supports Minecraft these days, ever since they bought Mojang I thought the updates would have been bigger, meatier and quicker but they've hardly been relevant for a long time.

UCForce88d ago

I don’t know how to say, but why I got this deju vu feeling here ? I remember Nintendo and Sony were partners back in 90’s. At first, they were fine but in few years later, Nintendo just stabbed Sony in the back and tried wipe Sony out of existence. I think Microsoft and Nintendo partnerships won’t last forever. In few years, one of them will stab each other in back.

BehindTheRows88d ago

Well said. This is on top of the fact that the market is speaking. Sony continues to win month after month, year after year, in system sales. If it were that big of a deal, people would start buying their competitors' machines at faster rates.

gamer780488d ago

They didn't team up with sony because it was about sharing games in the same ecosystem not about crossplay... Smh

MuddyWaters88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

You're not even able to defend Sony's decision so your only recourse seems to be is go after them for being desperate.

Go watch the movie Wonder with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. There is a scene there where the two kids play together and shows how out of touch some of you are. Sony is isolating themselves, while constantly pushing exclusion. Sony is getting even worse in this bubble they have created by what we saw at E3. The conference was all about its exclusive titles. That explains why there is such a hostile environment on the forums because Sony is creating that narrative.

"Nintendo just stabbed Sony in the back"

Stabbed them in the back? Grow up. They are supporting the developers wishes,

this is what Reggie said,
“We embrace working with a developer and enabling them to bring their vision to life. And whether that’s Fortnite, whether that’s a number of the other games that have cross-platform play on our console, from a developer standpoint that’s what we want. And we work hard with them to bring that to life.”

Not one person here should be defending Sony on this issue. None of you. Stab Sony in the back? How pathetic of a response. Sony used to say pretty much those same words before about indie games and being supportive of them. Now that Nintendo is backing the developers and wanting crossplay on some games it's stabbing Sony in the back? Go outside, take a break because you make no sense at all and this warrior attitude and tribalism is getting the better of you.

LordJamar88d ago

Only part i disagree with is Minecraft not being relevant and the updates. Minrcraft is huge just not in the spot light kinda like world of Warcraft but every one knows its juggernaut. And the game dang near updates every week with something new they been working hard on huge player servers and content dont underestimate Minecraft

chiefJohn11787d ago

You ppl sound so desperate to come up with any defense possible even irrelevant bs lol

TheRealHeisenberg87d ago

Your defense of Sony comes off as desperate. I for one would love to game with friends that are on Xbox but that option is not available to me. It does not mean that I will not buy any more games on PS4 but it will give me more to consider for future console purchases if that option remains unavailable on Playstation and if available on other consoles.

shinoff218387d ago

@muddy waters. Nintendo has to embrace the developer more then any of the competition, I had a Wii U I kniw what that was like

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NeoGamer23288d ago

Maybe, just maybe the Japanese game makers actually made some really good games this gen?

FF XV, Monster Hunter World, RE going back to its roots, etc.

badz14988d ago

oh look, 2 competing brands that are losing big time to the PS4 is working together in a couple of games to badmouth Sony! how cute

Kiwi6688d ago

So I just watched the video and can't find where it says anything about Sony as it just seems that they are showing what the game is like when it's played with a switch & xbox player which would be the same if a video was done for ps/switch/pc/ Xbox etc

UCForce88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

@naruga No one will take you seriously because your childish attitude and your disrespect to western marketing and audience. Like seriously, you need to have your self control here.

Obscure_Observer88d ago (Edited 88d ago )


Dude, stop blaming Microsoft for Sony´s mistakes. They FORCED Nintendo´s hand on joing forces with Microsoft the momment they denied Nintendo Switch owners crossplay with PS4 consoles.

First, the fanboys blamed Epic for all this, then Microsoft, then they mocked Microsoft and Nintendo on having a smaller userbase than PC + PS4 saying that Sony don´t need them on a very sarcastic and arrogant fashion and now, look at you. Crying over Nintendo joing forces with Microsoft.


If you don´t care about crossplay, you shouldn´t worry about Nintendo and Microsoft bussiness

cigi88d ago

Well put. Facts are facts

SuperSonic9188d ago

I wonder how much Nintendo sold its soul for to Microsoft...

trooper_88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Microsoft's only joining with Nintendo to buffer their fanbase because they couldn't get that from Sony.

Again, crossplay IS NOT A BIG DEAL. If it was a huge deal, Sony would have done it. It seems like people don't understand Economics 101.

Gunstar7588d ago

So it's Microsofts fault that the Japanese didn't buy the 360.... Right, okay...?

You sound like you're a member of a cult.

Why so dramatic?

cigi88d ago

What had that to do with anything...what are you smoking kid

Gunstar7588d ago

If the Japanese had bought into the Xbox brand, specifically the 360 in this instance then Japanese developers ,who predominantly make games for the Japanese, would have been on board

I don't know why you find this hard to understand?

DarkZane88d ago

I am pretty sure if Sony decided to offer Nintendo crossplay, Nintendo would dotch Microsoft instantly. If Sony did that, they could leave Microsoft all alone and seriously hurt them.

Gunstar7588d ago

So you agree that by MS and Nintendo hooking up this damages Sony?

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Tobse88d ago

Dude you really should take a break from the fanboy realm of madness. MICROSOFT IS THE DEVIL! EVERY TIME THEY SELL A CONSOLE A ANGEL LOSES ITS WINGS WAAAAAAAAAH.

My god, some people...

SuperSonic9188d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Sony is a company six times smaller than a giant like Microsoft. It can not afford to give MS the slightest advantage or the sightest mistake.

It must keep its guard 24/7 to protect its kingdom from MS at all cost or the industry is kaput.

Remember MS plans for gaming in 2013 Xbox reveal?
We must learn our lessons well.

mcstorm88d ago

Wow just wow come on cross play is a good thing not a bad thing yet fan boys still think we should not have it. So let me get this right you have 3 million of a game sold across 3 consoles and let's say it's an even split on the sales so 1 million per console but you would rather only have 1 million players to play with than 3? Or your friend has a switch and you have a PlayStation and both get FIFA but you don't want to play against each other because one dose not have the same console as your self? Come on grow up. Sony still have a great lineup of 1st party games that other people can't access but to say 3rd party should not be able to play each other in this day and age is plain stupid and a reason why brands like Apple and Samsung domonat the phone world even though there are better devices on the market. People are to stuck up them selves to change.

Prince_TFK88d ago

Relax, bro. They not gonna destroy the world. It is just crossplay, it not like Xbox games will appear on the Switch and vice versa. If Sony can’t play nice with other them just let them be alone. Let MS and Nintendo do their things.

NatFanBoyRestricted88d ago

In reality he goes the Japan and does the opposite of what your saying. Go watch the GiantBomb interview from after E3.

trooper_88d ago

That's pretty much true. Microsoft needed to do something for that dwindling fanbase. People are in for a rude awakening if they think this is for gamers.

gamer780488d ago

I'm sorry, The commercial was from Nintendo and the tweet also started with Nintendo, nice try though with the while ms devil thing though.

Shineon87d ago

Is Japanese gaming that much better than gaming anywhere else?

Manofgodalways87d ago

Microsoft is doing a good job then lol

No Way87d ago

Well, let's be fair.. Many Japanese won't buy the xbox brand because it's an American console. Why would they be interested in the Japanese market, when they could care less about what Xbox would, and can, offer.. And there has been good titles on the Xbox.

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Sayai jin87d ago

Don't trust any corporation.

fiveby987d ago

Kinda pathetic the lengths MS fanboys writers will go to garner clicks. This is much ado about nothing. Minecraft crossplay. Ok. Whatever.

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Godmars29088d ago

Up until money gets in the way.

DJK1NG_Gaming88d ago

Nope. They been working together. Dating back with the DS or even GBA.
With Rare working on games. Banjo games on GBA, Viva Pinata on DS and Diddy Kong Racing DS without the Rare Characters.
Cancelled Halo DS.

Also the movement from fans during the early days of 7th gen with the Wii60.
They were friends.