Fallout 4 Playing on This Fallout-Style TV Just Made Our 2018

Walking through the wasteland of the Fallout franchise, one comes across many things that were left behind after the bombs hit. TV is just one of those things. But we digress, instead we ask you to imagine this: playing Fallout 4 on a Fallout-style TV that you'd find in the Wasteland.

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Xb1ps457d ago

Ehh... I’m good no thanks..

RememberThe35757d ago

The video is 1 sec of the game and 10 sec of static.

isarai57d ago

"Fallout-Style TV" Fallout didn't invent old tube TVs...

isarai57d ago

c'mon that's like saying WWII is a "call of duty style war"

GamesMaster198257d ago

No thanks already been through all that in the 80's and 90's while gaming. I think im just happy with my 65' 4K for now.