NPD Analyst On Sony’s E3 Showcase: ‘Looks Like They’re Shifting Focus To More Short-Term Window’

NPD Group analyst believes Sony possibly has "tons of new things planned."

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BeardedDrachen150d ago

It's quite possible that Sony has announcements planned for other conferences coming this year. E3 isn't the only basket that Sony needs to put their eggs into. I think part of this strategy is to keep momentum going for a longer period of time. Why be excited about video game news once a year when you could be excited upwards to 4 times a year?

King_Lothric150d ago

Sony confirmed they still has unannounced exclusive games.

thatguyhayat150d ago

In shu we trust. It was soo weird not seeing him at E3 but he has confirmed theres more games unannounced for ps4. We still have gamescon, TGS and maybe psx

Skull521150d ago

I think PS5 is just around the corner and they weren’t ready to show off those projects yet.

jznrpg150d ago

I would assume Sony always has something unannounced at all times.

UCForce150d ago

@Skull521 You think so ? Because PS4 is doing pretty well. They will show PS5 but for a right moment.

S2Killinit149d ago

I think Sony knows that Microsoft is likely to release their next console at some point in the next 2 years. So, logically, they want to wait and release their PS5 slightly after MS's console. But, it makes sense that Sony hold off some big game surprises to coincide with MS's console, to hold things off until PS5 arrives.

I don't think Sony needs to release their PS5 in a rush, with the way PS4 sells, Sony can afford to hold off and just reap the profits from all the PS4s out there.

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rainslacker150d ago

I think they may have a reveal prior to another major event. TLOU2 was actually just kind of thrown out there before PSX, then not shown at said conference.

I think the more recent showing of things coming sooner is because Sony has so much coming, that they don't want to just add more stuff on top of their current marketing. 4 big games shown, along with their marketing deals makes them have a pretty strong position for the short term, and it's only building on the long term image of the brand itself.

Sony doesn't need to rush things IMO, but I don't think that the current E3 showing was done because they just want to move more towards the short term marketing approach. Sony, historically, has done pretty well with the long wait game in terms of its software. To date, it seems to keep people excited for the brand.

I've said it before, its never been a problem to announce things 2-3 years out in the past. But a company has to be careful not to put so much out there that everything gets lost in the fray. MS for instance showed a ton of games at their conference. Even though most are multi-plat, and it was great to watch, very few of those games went on to get a lot of media coverage. On the flip side, the 4 games showcased by Sony, have gotten a lot of press. COD and Destiny 2 aren't getting that much press because so little time was spent on them...coupled with the format. But even now, I'd have to go and look up what other games even Sony showed. And that's usually how it is at these conference. A few games stand out, the rest tend to get relegated to filler content.

Sam Fisher150d ago

I just wanna ask, its a little off topic but whats up with alot of articles saying impending doom for sony, last time i checked sony is raping on the games department

BeardedDrachen150d ago

Probably bc of their E3, and this current Fortnite drama. Pay no attention to the attention seekers.

mcstorm150d ago

It's just people tbh. For years now it's been about how Nintendo and Microsoft are doomed and will pull out of hardware sales now they have both started to push on again with the switch and Xbox one X. As well as sevices like game pass. People are looking at Sony doing something as there dose not seem to be much noise about how well the pro is selling and VR has kid of fallen flat to. As for sales though the PS4 is still the best selling console and they have had a steeler year for exclusives to. Just how it is esp on this site as people really believe in only one product and create no news or issues out of anything they can.

Silly gameAr150d ago

There's so much good info and actual news, but people are choosing to approve the manufacturered drama articles. It's pretty sad.

FinalFantasyFanatic149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I guess people just want it to fail despite how obviously good things are for Sony and ps4 owners. Sony's at the point where they don't need to be vocal because they have the gen on lock down and plenty of games to carry them for the next 2 or 3 years.

GNCFLYER149d ago

The fanboy and media push for MS is unparalleled. Sony has a 2 to 1 install base and you would never know if you were new to gaming.

It's all negative, and it's the most frustrating thing about being a Sony gamer. Load up a site to check out what's new and its doom. Flip to the xbox side to check out the sunshine and rainbows.

The really sad part is its grown men doing it.

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starchild150d ago

Seems like a good strategy.

OB1Biker149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

People say Sony has become arrogant. I say E3 has become arrogant. This was the first time Ghost was shown at E3. Its very much a reveal and a full demo walkthrough at that. It 'doesn't count' because it was teased at PGW? Arrogant they are.
Its also the first time TLOU II was at E3.

3-4-5149d ago

I think Microsoft & Sony want to somewhat copy the Nintendo Direct style of having 5-7 updates spread out over the year.

That is why not everything is packed into Nintendo's E3 Direct's...they save more for later.

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-Foxtrot150d ago

This is how I saw the show and what I got from Shawn Layden when he told us a month before that they would be having a smaller show. They've been called for showing games too early so I think they knew there would be no point in announcing anything brand new. I say get the games you have already announced firm release dates then announce new things closer to it's release.

MuddyWaters150d ago

The problem with that assessment is only 1 out of those 4 actually has a ship date. We could essentially still have 3 of them not out before the next E3.

smashman98150d ago

You have to look at when Sony has been announcing these dates. God of wars date was revealed less than two months before release. Spiderman was revealed a couple months ago to be coming in September. Detroit had similar treatment. It's likely they're waiting until they're sure the games can make the release as opposed to announcing dates and not meeting them.

UCForce150d ago

Then you didn’t follow how Sony tactic work when come to release date. Sony did with Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War and others. Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2 maybe don’t have release date yet, but i’m sure Sony will announce when their first party developers ready for it.

nucky64149d ago

so, if those three don't release till fall of next year - you think this is a problem? i don't see it as a big deal.

rainslacker150d ago

To me, I think it's because they wanted to make sure those 4 games got the most press. Announcing a new IP, particularly if it's popular, could take away from that. Its kind of a balancing act. Sony didn't show much, but what they did show seems to be getting a lot of attention. The big 4 games obviously, but then things like RE2 and Nioh2 are also getting some press. The games at MS conference, which were plentiful, aren't really getting as much attention. The staples are getting some, then a couple of the bigger announcements they showed as well, but I'd say 3 out of 4 games they showed has barely gotten anything more than an article or two.

SuperSonic91150d ago

Yesterday Nintendrones were hating on Xbox One's sales and market share threathening that Switch will outsell the Xbone this year. Now they suddenly became best of friends.
Kidtendos are like politicians.

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salmonade150d ago

Of course they do. Sony themselves says they're 'doubling down' on games and Playstation. Think about it... doubling the already massive output they've already been doing. Sony are going to destroy the competition next gen as well. Just wait and see.

The Wood150d ago

Doubling down. . . . That's just being mean to the opps. I mean. . . Wasn't the last 2 years of releases enough Sony. . .. . Show them some mercy😂

ConsoleGamer150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Well, in return for the others teaming up (under shady ms' lead) trying to put pressure on sony to open up their huge playerbase to the competition, sony should just stomp them in the dirt by giving gamers even more of what they want the most, top notch AAA games. ^^

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