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When Hi-Rez studios opened up their class-based hero shooter Paladins to the public back in 2016, it was met with quite a bit of criticism due to the similarities in gameplay and character design to Overwatch, but those same criticisms may be strengths for the game's Battle Royale spin-off Realm Royale.

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I hope unreal tournament makes a comeback.

KwietStorm144d ago

They had a new one up and running..what the hell happened to it?

porkChop144d ago

Progress was super slow. Epic wanted the community to have an equal part in development and design, but from what I understand the community never really took off. Hopefully it still comes out someday.

KyRo144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

A proper arena shooter without all this hero rubbish. Just straight run and gun fraging. Miss them days. I don't think there's much of a Market for them these days though unfortunately.

Kabaneri144d ago

They need to bring this to consoles ASAP.

Sonyslave3144d ago

This look pretty good, can't wait to play this on Ps4.

Father__Merrin144d ago

Tested this out on steam it's quite good still in alpha tho. Looks same as Fortnite visually had no Xbox controller support yet the death mechanic is quite funny you turn into a giant chicken together with chicken music and have 20 seconds to survive for a revive

UltraNova144d ago

So when you kill them before they revive you get the REAL Winner of the chicken dinner!? Hehe

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