E3 2018: With Multiplayer-Heavy 2018, Nintendo Not Abandoning Single-Player Games

IGN: Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Aime discusses how the company is still committed to single-player games.

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oasdada56d ago

What? Mp heavy e3? MS and sony both had solid SP game sshowings.. With Sony showing being comepletely SP games..

Old McGroin56d ago

The headline mentions Nintendo , not Sony or Microsoft.

nucky6456d ago

but by mentioning nintendo and NOT mentioning sony or microsoft, it implies that nintendo is the only company committed to SP games - and this is not the case......particularly with sony.

56d ago
Neonridr56d ago

Smash? Mario Tennis? Super Mario Party?

Old McGroin55d ago


Eh no. The article is about Nintendo, end of.

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Einhander197156d ago

Nintendo do there own thing that's why I love em:) Metroid will be special when it's ready to be shown.

nucky6456d ago

you know what i'd think would be special? nintendo coming up with a brand new IP that doesn't have anything to do with zelda, mario, donkey kong, or metroid. these staple themes have been around almost 50 years - it'd be nice to see the big N try some completely new IPs.

Theknightofnights56d ago

They have been. Look at Arms and Splatoon. Monolith Software is working on a new IP as well.

56d ago