Last of Us Part II: 8 Reasons Why We Should Be Absolutely Terrified of Ellie

COGconnected: We checked out a behind-closed-doors demo of The Last of Us Part II at E3 2018 and we just cannot get over how amazingly badass Ellie has become.

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chrisx145d ago

yea Ellie's dope. I like the silence over Joel though, I predict he'll have a major role to play.

bluefox755145d ago

I hope so. Wouldn't be the same without Joel.

DialgaMarine145d ago

Well, we know he’s alive, per ND’s own confirmation, so that throws people’s BS “Ghost” theories out the window. He’s probably just too old at this point, so he’s probably more of a leader and for guidance, as opposed to going out of his way to kick some ass. He had to be at least in his late 40’s/ early 50’s in TLoU. He’s likely pushing 60 now. Not a good age to be doing crazy things, especially in a world where it’s a lot harder to maintain health.

What would be awesome though is if ND pulls a similar stunt like they did with Lost Legacy, and deliver a prequel game that features Joel and Tommy surviving in the earlier days of the cordyceps outbreak.

Sunny_D145d ago

He was like 50 in TLOU. So he’s only like 55 years old. People live longer nowadays and do more active things as well. Not to mention he’s hardened from survival.

DialgaMarine145d ago

Being hardened for post apocalyptic survival is kindof different than actually living through old age in a post apocalyptic world. His body is going to naturally decay, and he won’t have the medical care needed to maintain. No doubt people die of natural causes at much younger age.

DialgaMarine145d ago

She was born into a world of military dictatorship, destroyed society, death enterprise, and flesh eating fungus people. She doesn’t know how to not be brutal lol

Elda145d ago

If it's anything to go by after reading some of these comments on this site lately it seems one of the big reasons is because she's a lesbian which is I can't wait to play this sequel to see how terrifying Ellie can be!

thatguyhayat145d ago

Two words *exploding arrows* the body parts flying off was mad

Skankinruby145d ago

And here come the lesbian jokes......

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The story is too old to be commented.