E3 2018 Media Coverage Analysis – aka “E3 Battle Royale results”

Like every year, this is the time for a look at the performance of the many E3 announcements in terms of media coverage.
If this the first time you read about our analysis, you can find out more about the methodology used, and read the blog posts for 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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UCForce149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I think 4 major PS4 Exclusive games that helped PS brand a lot. Most importantly, PS4 is the reason for people to play exclusive games, not just established IP, it’s also new IP as well. For me, it has to be Ghost of Tsushima because Sucker Punch Productions made a huge jump on this which is surprising for me. They are now focusing on mature theme this time around.

Skull521148d ago

Fortnite and Fallout eh? Would not have guessed that...

lxeasy148d ago

"ps4 wins interns of media coverage" LMAOL

UCForce148d ago

Well, PS4 have true exclusive that people want to buy and play. Spider-Man is coming up next.

Bathyj148d ago

They won in terms of games people want, quality and actual gameplay shown.

Not everyone cares about the engagement metric.

DialgaMarine148d ago

You laugh, but Sony actually showed real exclusive games, and a good ammount. Nintendo couldn’t even mention the games they brought up last E3, let alone show them, and MS just said “don’t bother buying an Xbone or X; all our games are on PC, and we’ve got new hardware coming”.

ChrisW148d ago

E3 ended 10 days ago... How is this not old news?

What else do fans want? A military parade?

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SuperSonic91148d ago

Kaz Hirai said in an interview that Ken Kutaragi figured out the whole video game industry's future when he concieved the PSX and took its time for the perfect moment to launch the PSX.
It was 99% Preparation and 1% Perspiration.
Sony studied Nintendo, Sega and everyone else before the PSX launch and it was a long lasting flawless plan executed very well with the most solid principles in the industry.

Babadook7148d ago

I’ve never heard this story before.

thatguyhayat148d ago

This is new to me i didnt know this

SuperSonic91148d ago

Its in a book about Ken Kutaragi and in a Kaz Hirai interview snippet included in the video history of the PlayStation by G4

b163o1148d ago I haven't heard that I a while, i miss them days.....X-Play!

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DarkVoyager148d ago

Both shows were great but Xbox E3 was best. Now which to get Spider-Man or Forza Horizon 4.

AmUnRa148d ago

No, Microsoft "won" the format of the show.
Sony "won"' the E3 with showing excl. games and gameplay of 4 titels that are coming. The focus of Microsoft was showing 3 partygames that will also be on PS4.

DarkVoyager148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

“No, Microsoft "won" the format of the show.”

That’s what I’m saying.

“Sony "won"' the E3 with showing excl. games and gameplay of 4 titels that are coming.“

I agree.

Spider-Man looks great and it’s coming soon!

Death Stranding still has me wondering what the hell is happening and the visuals are PS5 level.

Ghost of Tsushima looks incredible. They really nailed the setting. Can’t wait to see more.

The Last of Us: Part 2 was the best of the show. The visuals are top notch and the AI is next level.

joab777148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

I do think Sony “won” E3 for whatever that means, simply because they continue to give us the best games that can only be played on a PlayStation. Was this year’s presser as exhilarating as the last 3 years? No. Because we live to be wowed by surprises. We are winding down this gen and reaching the culmination of years of work and dedication by 1st party studios. Did Sony do it right by announcing so much so early? Who knows? But they’ve done a wonderful job of giving gamers what they want.

That said, they cannot sit on their thrones as they did post- PS2 and get too cocky. The PS3 got off to a very rocky and complex start with Sony believing they could do no wrong. I know they won’t make that particular mistake again, but we are starting to see some of this isolationist belief creep in again with their dismissal of console mods and cross play.

I must give a nod as well to both MS and Nintendo. MS, because they have finally come to embrace that which made them king last gen. All the talk of an entertainment box caused a lot of problems early on, as did the rejection of single player games for games of service. They have some great studios (though I was saddened to see Ninja Theory sign b/c they were adamant that ownership of their IPs going forward was of paramount priority...I guess Hellblade was just too hard to make without an influx of cash). It’s good to know that MS has a sound foundation moving towards next gen. I feel like we lost an entire generation of great games from them.

Nintendo has finally found a comfortable place, merging mobile with console. I believe this is where they always envisioned moving to, but was too expensive when the WiiU was made. Now they can make great games and don’t have to decide where they are released, mobile or console, as the Switch does both very well. They do though, have to raise their standards regarding many industry standards such as online play, storage and game chat.

We didn’t get the WOW this E3 from surprise announcements. It came from TLoU2 and it’s evolutionary combat system, MS’s foundational lives moving into next gen, and the demo of CP2077. Damn...if this game turns out to be half of what they showed to journalists....Not a bad E3...just different than recent ones.

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DeadSilence149d ago

Gamers won the show not platforms.

This non sense of "Winning" e3 is so cringe, brought you by childish videogame media which are a bunch of low life kids these days, apart some publications of course. Let's be honest here.

If you want to talk about winning we'll have to see Console sales after e3 then since console which sells more is considered to be winning, nevermind many games which "won" at e3 in prior years became major flops, I can recall Mass Effect Andromeda or Too Human which were eagerly awaited.

Also Microsoft won e3 2014 right? How did that turned out? Oh everything was canceled.

Sony won e3 2005 right? How did that turned out? Oh wait most games weren't running on true hardware and were tech demos of what devs had in mind like Motorstorm and Killzone.

Hang your butts, e3 isn't a contest.

Neonridr149d ago

tons of great games from all 3 hardware manufacturers. Sony showed off some amazing exclusives coming this year. Nintendo finally blew the lid off of Smash and it looks incredible. MS is starting to understand it takes teams to make these games and made some solid studio pickups. Good times ahead for us all :)

Apocalypse Shadow148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Actually Killzone 2 and motorstorm turned out great for your information. Those were cg trailers like most companies used and still use. The final games were a blast to play and surpassed the target gameplay of those trailers. And looked better in areas because it was real-time gameplay.

Also, Sony launching 1 1/2 years later in some markets still sold more consoles at a higher price from that E3 momentum and market reputation of exclusives like those you mentioned.

So...yeah. That E3 helped them a great deal. So I'll have to disagree. Sony ended selling more consoles worldwide per month to catch up to Microsoft's lifetime sales.

OffRoadKing148d ago

"we'll have to see Console sales after e3", Sony will win that too.

Ceaser9857361148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

"Sony won e3 2005 right? How did that turned out? Oh wait most games weren't running on true hardware and were tech demos of what devs had in mind like Motorstorm and Killzone."

Lol what?? Dude All the games were running on PS4 pro.. and from what we have seen this past few years. PS exclusives look better when they release. So I don't know what you are talking about..

"If you want to talk about winning we'll have to see Console sales after e3 "

Sony is winning and will still keep winning...
But I agree E3 ain't a contest and MS had a Good presentation and Sony had a weak presentation with Good games showcase.

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DialgaMarine148d ago

I mean, just look at the TLoU2 gameplay. It’s one of the, if not the, most viewed video out of E3. Sony’s show wasn’t the greatest for overall organization and flow, but it did what it was supposed to do: show that Sony is very devoted to the PS4, show off the amazing games coming soon, and give people a reason to buy a PS4. It only makes sense that they recieved the most attention.

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