Will it Work if Microsoft Launches Multiple Next-Gen Xbox Systems?

— Xbox Enthusiast:

A lot of announcements were made throughout E3 2018, but one of the primary takeaways happened at the very end of Microsoft’s show. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer announced, rather casually, that Microsoft’s hardware teams are currently “deep in development of the next Xbox systems”. Notice that phrasing—”systems”. That’s plural. It does appear that the next-gen Xbox will be a family of systems rather than just a single unit like we’re used to. Would it work if Microsoft were to launch multiple systems simultaneously? Most likely.

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DarkVoyager151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

They should launch a disk based console and a digital only console for a cheaper price. No sense in paying for a disk drive if you don’t use it like myself.

I don’t think should they launch two consoles with different specs though. They need to keep console hardware as simple as possible. Having to many variations could cause problems for developers.

Godmars290151d ago

That would be the only legit reason for multiple systems. Though can't see digital-only knocking off $100, which would be the sweet spot.

ImGumbyDammit151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Digital only would definitely not knock off $100. The 4KUHD player ads no more than $50 to the cost of the device. There is no reason to remove it costs more in retooling and manufacturing adjustment than it would make sense for removing it. They might have different SKUs based on drive sizes but, that is nothing that takes a lot of engineering. I definitely don't think Microsoft is going to release two or more new standard consoles that would have different APU capabilities. They might move the current X down to a base unit (sub $299 and keep the X2 at $499).

I don't think that is what they are planning by multiple systems. The key was that Spencer additionally mentioned they are working on a streaming service. I believe, that the other system will be a streaming-only option, not a digital-only option (no real large internal storage). It would be game streaming and cord cutter device. Possibly built using Windows IOT. Maybe something like an entertainment hub (similar to AppleTV or Roku) with possibly cord cutter option like Sony has with PSVue. Added to this would be a device that is designed to use the Microsoft game streaming service. It would be voice-enabled by Cortana and can speak with Alexa devices as well (because Microsoft is actually partnering with Amazon right now doing Cortana/Alexa cross-system integration with Windows). Maybe some extra internal storage for additional stream caching (nothing large). Several USB ports for attaching devices (e.g. external drive for music, mouse, a keyboard for gameplay, multiple media ports, like HDMI). It would also have the ability to run the usual suspects (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, even Sony Crackle, and others. Maybe the device will be able to run UWP apps - so a large selection of apps that run on the main console will work on this device as well) It would come with a remote, and an Xbox controller and be under $200 plus any monthly service costs a user subscribes to (MSVue, MS Game Stream, XBL, Netflix, Hulu, etc..) Of course, you would be able to access MS Game Stream service from other devices like Windows or the full Xbox console. This smaller cheaper device goes beyond digital only and is more about trying being the one device that can actually be cord cutter device but play more than just Android games all for a reasonable price. And give Microsoft that service based income.

Of course this is all an opinion and based on nothing real.

ILostMyMind151d ago

Removing the optical drive can reduce $ 100, due to more profit in digital sales.

TheCommentator151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

"That would be the only legit reason for multiple systems."

Why does Sony have a mid-gen console then? Why is XB1 already described as a family? It's likely that MS isn't launching two consoles when Scarlet arrives ... even though that's what the article is hypothesizing... they're more than likely building the next Xbox family in the same way as this generation (if it can even be called a generation any more).

The real question is how MS intends to integrate FC/BC with the One X once Scarlet arrives since MS claims to be iteritave in their approach to console manufacturing.

bolimekurac151d ago

discless and no hd included would shave the price off, we can all add our own hd

Godmars290150d ago

"Why does Sony have a mid-gen console then?"

Before this gen? The result of refined production methods and components. Whereas the PS4 Pro was a pointless tech boost to allow for more stable VR over what the standard PS4 had to offer.

"Why is XB1 already described as a family?"

A PR term that MS applied that's been swallowed whole hog, as usual.

The two original 360 SKUs were all about a lower price option over an expensive HDDs. Just like their idea of a 360 slim was more about "fixing" RRoD or the XBX compensates for the XB1 being built around Kinect and having low-end specs as a result.

The only thing a "family" of Xbox consoles is going to do is allow MS offer beefed up versions of systems launched within what's considered to be the "normal" console cycle, obliterating the term in the process. At the same time they'll also have the PC platform, which they'll be able to run to at anytime while dropping the "family" of consoles should they so wish.

Thing are already a mess with them as is with cloud servers, which will either let you play Xbox games on phones and tablets or anything else, or become a dev tool that allows the PG XB1 to outpower the PS4 Pro by many factors.

You see where they're all over the place yet have delivered jack? Do you?

Cueil150d ago

don't forget the license also a discless Xbox will be more profitable since digital purchases cut out the middle man... they may take a larger loss on the digital box to incitivize people to buy it.
If they go different spec... I could see them simply have a 3 tier system at absoutly most... all three systems would run the same tech and most likely the same CPU would be in all three.... so you differentiating feature would be GPU and SSD/HDD. You come in with an entery level system that's maybe the Xbox One X only using Ryzen so lets say a 6 tflop GPU with a Ryzen 8core (remember same CPU in all three skus)
then a high end system that runs with a 10-12 tflop gpu but same hdd maybe faster ram
and then you have "are you out of your mind" system with base specs of the high end with 1-2tb of SSD maybe m.2 have it all cooled using a closed looped water cooler... personally I'd probaly stick with two systems that only differ on GPU that way there isn't a lot of work to optimize for the second system. I also think it would be more fair to release them at the same time rather than release one a couple years later.

Godmars290150d ago

"don't forget the license also a discless Xbox will be more profitable"

Think that would be offset by systems with disk drives still being a thing.

Also, that's the only significant change that can be made when offering a "family of systems". The 360 only got away with it because it was either HDD, or no HDD. Offer systems with any other major change in specs at the same time you're only going to confuse consumers while constraining developers. MS is only getting away with offering XB1/XB1s/XBX currently because 1) none of them were released right atop the other, 2) they've got the whole BC thing.

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bumbleforce151d ago

There were multiple 360's and ps3's at launch. They will be fine. I think its good for the consumer to jave options

zerocarnage151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

They are releasing a device that is designed to take on the google console from what I was reading.

Microsoft's plan is simple as many different devices on the market as possible even if one is way less popular so long as everyone has one and for there gaming to be fully streamable and all those devices to be able to play the games..

jznrpg150d ago

So throw shit at a wall and see what sticks

bolimekurac151d ago

dicless and no hd and dros the price to 349 or 399 and then a full version would be perfect

BLUEBLASTER151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

3. One Without the disk drive, One with disk drive and One with Kinect 3!

neutralgamer1992151d ago (Edited 151d ago )


You do understand that 68% of gaming market is still physical if ms were to do something that dumb none of the retail stores will sell the next Xbox

Don't believe me go back and check around the reveal and of Xbox one gamestop sent out emails informing customers of Xbox one having Drm and there was charter of them not selling a system which doesn't support used games

That is why digital and physical prices must remain the same because retailers know if you offer digital for $49 and they are selling physical for $59 it puts them at a disadvantage

These trailers make money from software if you eliminate them what benefit they have of selling your products

I want ms to do this because that would the biggest PR disaster in gaming history even worst than Xbox one launch

All digital will not happen within next 10 years because of internet speeds and data limits especially since net neutrality

People need to understand net
neutrality and of courts don't over turn it than digital only ain't gonna happen

rainslacker150d ago

I think the cost difference isn't so much for an optical drive that they'd make any money. Even if they dropped the price by $50, they'd end up losing money because a optical drive only costs them about $10-15 to include. Then they'd have to maintain two SKU's, which cost money. Plus, I think if it was only $50 difference in price, many people would probably just spend the extra money, because why not?

If they have multiple SKU's, it'll be a base SKU, and a SKU with the same system and some fancy an elite controller, or bundle package.

kreate150d ago

Disk drive is not what drives up the cost of a console.

babadivad150d ago

I wouldn't mind an Xbox 2X and Regular version at launch.

X1X hasn't hampered the X1S in any way. They've shown it can be done.

But I could also go for the cheaper digital only box as well since well over 90% of my games are digital anyway.

joab777150d ago

This is a great idea!!! Though even though 90% of my games are digital, I think I’d prefer disc based just because of the possibility of needing one...for movies or a good deal!

Also , when he says systems, I think it’s because we know that each gen releases multiple systems, be it slimmer, now even a 1/2 step up.

For MS, what could be smart is dropping the price of the X1X and pushing it alongside its new console as a cheaper option, and make every game capable of being run on both. The X1X will be a viable machine for awhile.

Bobafret150d ago

Perhaps one with no hdd either, for those that have massive external drives already.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi151d ago

Depends on the number of different systems and what the differences are between them really.

zerocarnage151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

consoles over time will ha e less and less specs and in the end will be put together really fast because when everything goes stream gaming, the majority of the work will no longer be done through our consoles but through the end of the developers and on the cloud along with super servers, which is where the cost coming down comes into affect as parts won't be needed inside our consoles anymore.

Once quantum networking is more stabilised now the breakthrough has happened, the internet will also be changing once more by getting more secure and super faster and once all that roles out to the world it's going to a be crazy time.

PiNkFaIrYbOi151d ago

Doubt that will happen any time soon though, really the infrastructure is nowhere near there right now world wide. Not to mention depending where you live, internet can be very expensive, very slow, have data caps, etc...

Not to mention streaming can be hit and miss even with a good connection speed.

LG_Fox_Brazil150d ago

If they go the stream route they immediately lose the Latin America market, which is really huge. I don't see my country, or the others around getting such a rock solid internet connection for a reasonable price anytime soon.

rainslacker150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

That won't be relevant in the least for next gen. As it stands, the backbone of the internet hasn't even changed since the start of last gen. There are more people using high speed internet than back then, but that just means bandwidth has become strained, and media streaming has made it even worse.

We're probably 2-3 generations before we even begin to see what you talk about go into practical application for general consumer use, and even then, it'll be like broadband was at the beginning of last gen.

If MS pushes a streaming option as the best option starting next gen, they're going to fail hard. There's a reason Sony isn't pushing it that hard right now, and MS isn't going to just be able to provide a better service because they say so. Sony's problems aren't on their end, it's on the actual internet in people's homes problem.

PoopsMcGee151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

No! Not if they have different specs. One of the things that console has had over PC is a standard for each generation (until now). These mid-generation console upgrades are detrimental to multiplayer IMO

Kokyu151d ago

Sony has said they wont do anything like Ps4 pro again cause it just didnt sell as well as they hoped.

salmonade151d ago

Where did anyone say that? Link?

starchild151d ago

I've never seen mention of that anywhere. I hope that isn't the case. The mid gen upgrades are great. It gives people more choice and hurts no one. If they do decide to forego upgraded console options I'll probably end up doing even less gaming on console and more on PC. I probably won't even buy a console until a few years into the next generation after a decent number of exclusives I want to play have built up.

ILostMyMind151d ago

But now XBox is just a cheap PC with a modified Windows 10 and the difference is just graphics and resolution so, why not have different versions? The system will care of it.

OB1Biker151d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they plan on releasing iterative consoles every two or three years. That means they are working on a console to launch in 2020 and also working on the next one more advanced they could launch at a reasonable price a couple of years later.
I hope it wouldn't influence Sony.

zerocarnage151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

It won't happen and won't be any need for it all once game streaming comes into affect properly because conse prices will come down whoever of the developers supports stream servicing.

Sony shut there streaming down didn't they because they found it to tough so if Microsoft can nail it then God damn because Sony would still be putting out 400-500$ console on release but Microsoft won't because not as many parts will be needed in there consoles because the workload is being done on there side and at that point that happens will end up being just called Microsoft devices instead of say Xbox console.

neutralgamer1992151d ago


So much wrong when did Sony shut down psn now


they can only work with what AMD has available(or Nvidia) so they will have to wait until they release new hardware.