How Resident Evil 2 Pushed the N64

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "When most people think of the Nintendo 64, major third party-games don’t really come to mind. The system, for a multitude of reasons was not particularly friendly to third-party developers and their games and in the end not many of them made their way over to Nintendo’s third home console. However there exists one particular example of a game that by all accounts and metrics should not exist on the Nintendo 64 yet it does and it’s more than playable, in fact some will call it the best version available (at the time) of this particular title. So today, for this installment in our ongoing series we’re taking a look at an absolute classic – Resident Evil 2 on the Nintendo 64."

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GaboonViper151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Still have mine and the PSOne version.

strayanalog151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

Me too, Gaboon. Say, you still have the boxes too, particularly the 64 box, I hope? People seem to toss theirs or damage it it seems.

scofios149d ago

I have the game cube version

pcz150d ago

The author forgot to mention that resident evil zero was also on the GameCube

SR38813149d ago

It was born there and should of stayed there along with the RE1 remake

P_Bomb149d ago

I still have my GameCube RE0 and REmake. System sellers along with RE4, no doubt.

shinoff2183149d ago

My ps4 re0 is just fine. I do remember that though, back then it seemed they tried to make the gamecube the home of re. It must not have been sustainable. It just seemed they tried so hard to ditch sony

bluefox755150d ago

Ah yes, back when Nintendo understood the value of both hardware power AND 3rd party support, those were the days.

CorndogBurglar150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

N64 didn't have any more 3rd party support than the Switch does now.

The only 3rd party games on N64 that I really remember are RE2, Doom64, and the WCW / WWF wrestling games.

I'm sure there were some more, but let's not act like the N64 was overflowing with 3rd party support.

MrSwankSinatra150d ago

Gamers currently really be having their rose colored-revisionist history lenses on a lot these days.

mkis007149d ago

Rogue squadron, shadows of the empire.

MrSwankSinatra150d ago

But the N64 didn't have 3rd party support like that? If you look at the competitors being the PSone and the SEGA Saturn, those systems have way more games than the N64 could even account for. Especially when you're discussing the vast amount of japanese titles those two systems received. Also Nintendo clearly didn't understand the value of 3rd party support, otherwise they would have went with CDs rather than cartridges for the N64.

PygmelionHunter150d ago

Time to take those nostalgia goggles off lol

Nintendo didn’t rely on 3rd party software back then either.

shinoff2183149d ago

Which is why the inferior console ps1 killed it back then to.

cpayne93149d ago

As much as I loved the n64, it had very little third party support. Not really due to the hardware, but the cartridge format.

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Minute Man 721150d ago

The charaters sound like they were talking underwater

Geobros150d ago

Nice version of the game, indeed!

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