9 Reasons We're Looking Forward to The Crew 2

Rich at GameSpew: Out next week, we're pretty excited to get stuck into The Crew 2. Want to know why? Well, here you go.

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C-H-E-F148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

10 Reasons, because you don't have a wheel and like stiff controller gameplay when it comes to car racing. that Porsche felt more like a boat than the boat did.

xRacer74x148d ago

Since most racing fans do not have a wheel that is good news. I always found a wheel more cumbersome than helpful in racing games. But I have not tried any wheel since the xbox 360 one like a decade ago, been tempted to try that logitech one that works with the xbox and PC.

r3f1cul148d ago

kinda lost me with flying and boats O.o im never interested in either and absolutely horrendous at flying in every game ive ever touched sadly :( lol