Hellblade hits 1 million sales across all platforms

Hellblade has just hit 1 Million unit sales across Xbox, PS4, PC.

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Pancit_Canton28d ago

That's not really good considering the price point of that game and it's multi-platform approached.

UCForce28d ago

Dude, come on. Ninja Theory have just reach 1 million units and that’s great numbers.

Zabatsu228d ago

It is bad in this business though. No matter what your feelings towards them say. 1 mil with that price, is bad.

Goldby28d ago


1 million units sold indipendantly of any publisher, all that money going into their pocket.

thats good.

Hellblade has sold more that Sea of Theives
hellblade sold more than state of decay 2

hellblade sold very well based on their expectations.

Pancit_Canton28d ago

They probably just break even with that amount of copies sold.

Don't forget the Taxes, Self Publishing Cost and their Charity Donation to Mental Health Foundation.

VenomUK28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

When every publisher was showing Ninja Theory the door it's so good that Sony had faith in the project and helped make Hellblade happen. Congratulations for one million sales! I can't wait to see what they make next.

shloobmm328d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Based on most recent news I think it's safe to say that both SoT and State of Decay 2 have outsold it. Which is irrelevant by the way. It is a good game but these sales are not very impressive based on it's reviews, low price and developer pedigree. The game has almost been out for a year now. Why are you trying to compare it with a game that's been out for a few weeks?

lolosgolos28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@Goldby don't forget sold better than Detroit become human also if where you getting your info from is correct

yomfweeee28d ago

Why are you all comparing Hellblade sales to SOT, SOD2 or even Detroit? Those games just came out.

Ninja_Ryu28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It great numbers but I'm curious to find out would it still reach those numbers if it was an exclusive? We want never know

Imalwaysright28d ago


The game was profitable with 500k copies sold

Goldby28d ago

@schloom because people are saying this is horrible sales yet are praising all three of those games for their sales.

And I would be surprised if those three haven't sold more than a million with all the advertising and marketing all three games got.

There was also a narrative pushed on this game that's its a walking simulator one and done game with shallow combat and an ungly protagonist.

It manged to overcome all of that while helping bring awareness for mental health issues pepe face and stigmitize

Forn28d ago

It is good considering they are a small studio, but now think about how they won't have access to the PS4 fanbase anymore after Microsoft purchased them.

NecrumOddBoy28d ago

Does someone know the breakdown on how the sales look across all platforms? I only ask because with Ninja Theory being purchased by Microsoft, I'm curious to know if this game actually sold well on PC and Xbox or if the majority of these sales came from PlayStation. I never really thought that Ninja Theory game is something most Microsoft players would appreciate and I would like to see the company Thrive but I do have my doubts

sprinterboy28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Still not bought my copy either, just so many games to play, will pick it up soon no doubt

Dark_Knightmare228d ago

@lolosgolos what are you talking about Detroit has been out for about a month and already sold a million copies

Gaming10127d ago

Only 20 people made Hellblade, so I'd say the numbers were fantastic. What do any of you know about business anyway? lol

KillBill27d ago

@Goldby - Your "Hellblade has sold more that Sea of Theives
hellblade sold more than state of decay 2" is just factually so wrong it is laughable. In NPD May topped the chart above God of War and Detroit. And both titles you said sold worse that Hellblade sold more and actually outperformed expectations themselves.

Herbiwhore27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@Pancit you're a fucking moron if you believe a game that sold a million, was made with a team of less than 10, had no marketing costs, has low distrubution costs because it's digital only, is basically an indie game with no publisher that a cut of the revenue has to go to. But OK...

Ceaser985736127d ago


"don't forget sold better than Detroit become human also if where you getting your info from is correct"

OMG! Dude do you even research before you comment?? Do u know how stupid you sound lmao!

Go through the article BOI!! And That Detroit sales figure IS not across all platform but one and Only the best there was there is and there will be PLAYSTATION :D


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Sciurus_vulgaris28d ago

If the game was still PS4 and PC only he would be praising Hellblade's sales.

Doge28d ago

Give credit where credit is due. An (previously) indie developer self-publishing an incredibly high-budgeted game selling that many units is not an easy feat, and should be celebrated.

MattE28d ago

Cost 10 mil to make right so very good return and will make even more over lifetime.. Good job

Grap28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

the budget of the game was 12million , and the game cost $30, their profit double of what they invest in this game.
Huge success.

KickSpinFilter28d ago

Dude they made the money back invested+ on PS4 launch alone. Everything else is extra sauce

Sunny_D28d ago

Bruh, you do know the game was not made with a Triple AAA budget right? It was also only 30 dollars. They could have easily made money because of the low cost approach.

optimus28d ago

@venomuk... Whatever they make next will be on xb1. 😝

GamesMaster198228d ago

And PC 😝. So win win for me bud who plays PS4 and X1 games on PC . Hahahaha never thought of that bud did ya pal . So most us PS4 and PC owners have the best of both simple

optimus27d ago

Ha! I knew there had to be a PC finger licker to poke their head out and say "us too". (too easy) 😄... What's even funnier is when the games they thought would be on PC doesn't show up on PC and then they're off spending some "alone time" with their precious PC. 🙄

Goldenhawk52128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Omg just it didnt sell as well as it deserved and thats it. Argument over. Case closed. Ok u guys can stop fighting now thank u. Cock size competition over.

jukins28d ago

How is it not good? First of all consider it was first developed only on PC and ps4. With a small team and small budget to sell a million independently for this type of game 30 dollars or not it's good for ninja theory

babadivad28d ago

Considering they said they made a huge profit once they crossed the 500K mark on PS4 says otherwise. 1 million is probably way more units than they ever dreamed of or even budgeted for. This is a huge success for them.

Kun_ADR28d ago

I wonder if you still say the same had MS not bought Ninja Theory.

sd1127d ago

I read an interview a while back where ninja theory talks about the development of hellblade. They mentioned they deliberately restricted the budget to try to foster creativity. If so it was likely quite profitable.
As for sales, why have so few people played this game. It is a worthwhile purchase on any platform.

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lxeasy28d ago

Releasing on Xbox helped it reach the 1million point. Congrats Ninja Theory!

DialgaMarine28d ago

It would’ve hit these numbers regardless. Sadly their exclusivity is likely going to badly hurt the sales of their next game.

shiva128d ago

How? Isnt every playstation owner a PC gamer?

Xbox games will be on PC and all those will buy no matter.

lxeasy28d ago

I doubt it'll hurt there sales.

DialgaMarine28d ago

@Shiva I don’t think that has ever been said. Just a false rhetoric made up by insecure Xbox fanboys. Time will tell.

Sunny_D28d ago

Well, now that they are owned by MS. It will only hurt MS's pocket. But, if they continue making low budget AA games, it probably won't be much.

gangsta_red28d ago


Not only that but they also can't wait to play these games on PC when they're announced so I really don't see how their exclusivity will somehow suddenly be hurt.

When Ninja Theory announces their next game we'll get to see people emt on how they'll be getting this on Xbox and recently bought PC's.

Kribwalker28d ago

You guys should be celebrating MS aquisition of Ninja Theory, because you will be able to play them on your PC, like so many other Sony fans keep shouting they are gonna do or have been doing. They all have PCs that are more powerful then the OneX, so they’d play the better version that way.

xX-oldboy-Xx28d ago

shiva1 - I have PS4pro and a grouse PC but I'll never use windows store, so there's that.

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maybelovehate28d ago

Not bad for an indie title with almost no marketing.

Goldby28d ago

not the normal marketing, they used their developer diaries over the course of development as advertising

optimus28d ago

@maybelove... Yeah really, cause I never heard of the game until this past week.

optimus28d ago

Ha! People disagree that I never heard of the game until recently. Oh n4g, if nothing else you're always good for a laugh. 😄

TheColbertinator28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Excellent work

Darth Gamer28d ago

Loved the game, congrats to Ninja Theory. I hope they do some great work now with Microsoft.